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At a recent Develop: Brighton conference, Bethesda’s Todd Howard talked about all things gaming and their upcoming title Starfield. More specifically, Howard addressed new changes to the formula with a complete overhaul of the infamous Creation Engine, and the biggest map Bethesda has made to date, plus more juicy details.
A few days ago some screenshots were leaked online supposedly from Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield. They were reportedly from an early 2018 build which explained the not-so-finished visuals, but they at least gave us a taste of the next Bethesda RPG would look like, especially since it’s setting is in the final frontier.
There’s not a lot known about Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield, pretty much all we know is that it’s definitely coming out before The Elder Scrolls 6, and apart from a vague teaser trailer back in 2018, we have absolutely no idea what Starfield actually looks like. But now some images have supposedly been leaked from an early build of the game.
Yesterday, there was a rumor going around that Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi epic RPG had gotten a USK rating, usually indicating that development has finished. However, svp of global marketing/comms at bethesda, Pete Hines, disregarded the rumor as “a glitch or a bug on the site.” So, unfortunately, looks like Starfield won’t be releasing anytime soon, but there might be something else to look forward to…
It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Bethesda regarding any of their upcoming titles, and it’s been long overdue that we get a proper entry into their biggest franchise yet, the Elder Scrolls series. After that tantalizing reveal back at E3 2018, fans have been desperately clawing for some new juicy details regarding The Elder Scrolls 6, especially since it did not make an appearance the following year at E3 2019.
Those of you licking your lips in anticipation of Bethesda’s E3 2019 press conference would probably do well to quell your expectations. Despite officially revealing The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield at E3 2018, Todd Howard, executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, has claimed both games will be absent from E3 this year.
I’ve been doing a bit of nosing around and, while we can’t be absolutely certain just yet, it looks pretty damn likely that Bethesda is migrating its games from Steam to its own launcher. Heck, once the games are on, I suspect they can have a better go at the whole paid mods thing without rousing the pitchforking protesters on Steam from their deep slumber.
Welcome to day 2 of the semi final voting poll. Just this poll is left to decide which two most anticipated games will meet in our GD World Cup Finals. A surprise turn of events here in this gaming world cup semi final, is that both games are courtesy of the publishing giant Bethesda. So Bethesda obviously know what the gaming community are looking for in future games. Either that or they are just genius at marketing hype. This semi final will put a new IP known as Starfield up against The next Elder Scrolls game.
Phew, it's do or die time now for the six games still remaining in the competition. After Cyberpunk 2077 crashed out in spectacular fashion, Starfield steps up to the plate against The Division 2.
It was unusual for Bethesda to announce not one, not two, but three upcoming Bethesda Game Studios tiles at E3 2018. It gave us a glimpse of the far-flung future, but just how far? Well, Fallout 76 is launching this year, of course, but Bethesda’s next game, Starfield, is a little further off. In fact, Starfield is being developed as a next-generation title, meaning it’s aimed at PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox.
Sci-fi is the order of the day today for the GD World Cup 2018. You won't that in the real World Cup. Fallout 76 and The Division 2 both bring their own apocalyptic portents, while Cyberpunk 2077 and Starfield are rooted in further flung futures, one dystopic, the other, well, we don't know anything about yet. That won't stop the hype train though, so vote your most anticipated games to be in with a chance of nabbing the grand prize.