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After some technical difficulties that resulted in a delayed launch on both PC and PlayStation 4, the Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta is now available on Steam. You can access the RE Resistance Beta on Steam by simply accessing the Steam page and downloading the game. The official Resident Evil Twitter page revealed the announcement yesterday on Twitter, stating:
It’s been almost a week now since Half-Life: Alyx released, for some of us the buzz still hasn’t worn off, and others are eagerly trying to make the game work without the need of VR peripherals. Whether you liked HL: Alyx or loathed it, it sure has become a major achievement in VR history, as it is currently the highest rated Steam VR game of all time and the highest rated PC game of 2020 so far.
Quirky space exploration game, The Outer Worlds), is finally coming to Steam after a period of exclusivity on the Epic Games Store. If you haven’t heard of Outer Wilds, then the premise is simple: you’re a new recruit of the Outer Wilds Ventures and you must solve the mysteries of the Solar System as it is trapped in an endless time loop.
Valve’s popular online store, Steam, has seen a surge in concurrent online players recently. We are all likely aware that this is due to the increase in people who are staying at home in self-isolation, looking for something to do during the coronavirus pandemic.
Since we’re all isolating from the coronavirus at the moment, it seems that some companies are trying to persuade us to download their games. But some don’t need to persuade, they’re just giving out free games, not games with free weekends, I’m talking 100% discounted FREE games. And in the latest free-to-keep deals going on? We have the latest reboot of a classic franchise, Tomb Raider (2013).
Just a quick update for those of you giving it your all right now in the latest installment for the DOOM franchise. I’m sure we’re all excited to jump into the game head-on this weekend for the game’s release, but just in case you’re experiencing some less-than-stellar performance, there might be a small fix for you...
You know how we all have that issue? When we’re sitting on the couch, scrolling through Netflix for something to watch, and the next thing you know it’s too late because you’ve been too busy scrolling? Well, what if it was video games instead? Introducing the latest Steam Labs experiment to go live… The Steam Interactive Recommender.
If you’re wondering what to do this weekend whilst we’re all self-isolating, the Spring Steam Game Festival is now live with over 40+ games to download demos for. After GDC was cancelled, many of the indie booths decided to release their demos on Steam for a short period instead. That way we can all still get to experience some of these great indie games from the comfort of our own homes.
Last year, Valve launched the Steam Game Festival in December alongside The Game Awards, allowing players to play and try out new games before they are released. It featured 14 titles that were mostly indie games and was the first instance of Steam doing their own digital festival. With the recent Coronavirus news, the cancellation of several gaming conventions like GDC and E3 2020, and the announcement of numerous digital conferences from Xbox and Ubisoft, the Steam Game Festival is returning this year for Spring.
High-flying, rotor-spinning, heli-coptering (I don’t know any fancy helicopter slang) game Comanche has just launched in Early Access on Steam. Play single-player, 4v4 multiplayer or improve your skills in combat training exercises with 5 helicopters and 4 drones available at launch.
The zany looter-shooter, Borderlands 3, is now finally available on Steam. After a 6 month exclusivity deal with Epic Games, the third entry in the cult franchise has made it’s way over to Valve’s most popular online retail store. The new Steam version now comes with cross-platform capability that allows players who own the game on either stores to play with each other, as well as with console players.