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Bethesda appears to have thrown the towel in when it comes to convincing players to use its own game client and store.
Remedy Entertainment has confirmed Control will be launching on August 27th worldwide.
Heavily rumoured for years now, Valve has taken the veil off its upcoming Steam redesign during a GDC panel.
Deep Silver and Epic Games made a pretty surprising announcement during GDC 2019, claiming the Epic Store exclusive release of Metro Exodus sold 2.5x more units than Metro: Last Light sold on Steam when it launched in 2013.
Halo: Reach on PC could be with us a lot sooner than we expected. Microsoft has confirmed the PC beta test for Halo Reach is already primed to go live, with Microsoft taking beta sign-ups through the Halo Insider program.
Practically the entire Halo series coming to Steam is certainly a cause for celebration, but I think we’ve got to be careful before we jump to any radical conclusions about Microsoft’s plans.
Epic can’t seem to go more than five minutes without stumbling into another scandal. It’s now emerged that Epic Games is farming users’ Steam data while running the Epic Games Launcher.
Epic’s Tim Sweeney has spoken up about plans to usurp Steam as the dominant PC gaming storefront, as well as how the wealth of Fortnite cash has allowed it to accelerate its plans for the Epic Games Store.
An update to Steam’s back-end database could have revealed the release date for The Outer Worlds, Obsidian Entertainment’s eagerly anticipated sci-fi RPG.
In a sign of the times, Paradox has launched Paradox Mods, a new independent platform designed to provide mods outside of the Steam ecosystem. "Steam mods will only serve Steam users, and we have a growing percentage of players that buy their games from elsewhere,” says Anders Törlind, from Paradox.
It’s since been fixed but Axiom Verge’s launch yesterday on the Epic Store was a bit of a comedy of errors. The excellent Axiom Verge is the current free giveaway available through the Epic Store client, but yesterday users quickly realised it crashed every time they entered a new area.