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Epic continues to give away games at a bewildering pace on its storefront (seriously, why would you risk buying anything in the Holiday Sale?), dishing out free copies of three different games to permanently own.
It’s freebie time, and Ubisoft is currently giving away free copies of Steep on Uplay.
I know there’s probably only a tiny handful of you out there that gave Steep a chance, but I happen to believe it was one of the unsung gems of 2016. Not a classic by any means, yet it was a gorgeous and relaxing ride through an impressive open-world mountain range the likes of which we haven’t really seen before. Ubisoft’s done right by it in the months since as well, releasing the free Alaska expansion as well the upcoming paid Steep: Road to the Olympics expansion which has been detailed in a pair of new trailers.
For all Ubisoft’s pre-release talk of buddying up with your mates in Steep and exploring the Alps together, there was actually precious little to do in the game aside from churn through the missions on your lonesome. Having got gold medals on all of them, I was basically forced to put Steep aside until some more content arrived. Yet arrive it has. Steep has been updated with the free new Alaska area, an entire new mountain range packed with new challenges to complete.
Steep might have crashed landed like Eddie the Eagle when it launched back in December, but Ubisoft has been busy supporting it’s open-world ski-em-up in the weeks since. The first major update has just arrived for Steep, overhauling the jump and trick systems as well as improving how G-force works. For those who’ve sunk in a lot of time already, Ubisoft has also announced the release for the all-new Alaska mountain area, massively increasing the world size with its hazardous new peaks.
By now every Tom, Dick and Harry has probably had the chance to play Steep thanks to the recent beta, and Ubisoft no doubt used all your testing to build some accurate system requirements. Hopefully, anyway. From December 2nd you'll be able to carve your way down a gigantic open-world mountain range with your buddies, using snowboards, skis, a wingsuit or even paragliding if you're particularly daft. Here's precisely what you'll need to do just that with the official Steep PC system requirements.
We've seen already in our GeForce GTX 1060 benchmark that Ubisoft's Steep runs pretty damn fantastically, but just what is it delivering in the visuals department? From personal experience, flicking between Low and Ultra in Steep it can be a little tricky to tell, so we've grabbed a bunch of screenshots which you can compare side-by-side.
Steep's sort-of-open beta kicks off today for a select few, before the floodgates really open on Monday. GD'er Smok3dout was kind enough to sort me out with a key so I did the only sensible thing and benchmarked Ubisoft's open-world extreme sports game. Will we have another mess on our hands like Watch Dogs, or has Ubisoft finally put its demons behind itself. Let's find out with our GeForce GTX 1060 Steep benchmarks.
It seems even Ubisoft’s more experimental titles aren’t free from the snare of the inevitable season pass. Ubisoft’s open-world extreme sports game Steep is the latest to snaffle a Ski Season Pass, with three major content packs scheduled to arrive in the months after launch. Perhaps most worrying is the news that a total of four sports will be locked behind the season pass. For a bit of a perspective there are also four in the full $60 game.
Ubisoft has announced a Steep open beta is taking place in November, providing players with an opportunity to see just what its open-world extreme sports game is all about.
Famed for its conference closing showcases, Ubisoft pretty much flipped out expectations upside down with Steep. Previous years have seen the likes of Watch Dogs, The Division, and Ghost Recon Wildlands announced, but Ubisoft took a break from all that killing and announced an open-world connected online extreme sports game.