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It seems a number of folks who’ve picked up one of AMD’s Ryzen 3000 processors have encountered a critical issue which can prevent booting. It’s all tied into using previous-gen X470, X370, B450, or B350 motherboards with the latest Ryzen processors. If you haven’t updated to the latest firmware for your motherboard prior to installation, this could mean you can’t boot your system.
Amazon Game Studios are reportedly hitting a rocky patch, with a new report from the Wall Street Journal claiming Amazon’s gaming division is struggling to keep pace with the technological advances of the gaming industry.
While the recent news from PassMark’s benchmark data suggests AMD has been making a massive comeback in the CPU industry (the largest in history, in fact), the latest data from the June 2017 Steam hardware survey indicates that, among Steam participants, AMD is anything but dominant.
I wasn't aware this was happening but the immensely popular ARK: Survival Evolved is going to be getting DirectX 12 support soon. The flavour of the month survival sim has just cruised past the two million mark on copies sold, and getting in there early with DirectX 12 compatibility certainly isn’t going to do it any harm.
Swiftly following Intel’s lead AMD has posted its latest financial results, and while the results are considerably less impressive than its competitor, AMD is just about keeping its head above water. Contrary to Intel’s record revenue gains for the last quarter, AMD brought in just $17 million net income from a total of $1.43 billion in revenue, struggling in particular when it came to its Computing and Graphics departments.
The Elder Scrolls Online has got off to a bumpy start. It’s been beset by problems since launch as far-ranging as item duplication loopholes, bugged quests, disappearing banks, and over-populated dungeons.
It truly is sad when you see a game with as much cuteness as Cube World being attacked from all sides for no real reason.