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Yesterday's battle was a ludicrously close contest. Monster Hunter World gave its all but ultimately fell just short though, with Far Cry 5, Mr Reliable, walking out the eventual winner in a bloody contest. Four games are now through but two slots in the semis still remain. It's time for Kingdom Come: Deliverance versus Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
Just in case you didn’t get your fill of Super Smash Bros Ultimate from the 86-hour deep dive Nintendo Direct during E3 2018, Nintendo has obliged with yet another Direct, revealing a few choice new characters that are joining 64 fighters already announced.
Super Smash Bros will have an 8-player mode for smash battles Nintendo has confirmed. The option to expand the multiplayer fun will only be available on the Wii U version and is not available for online play, so you'd best start saving up for those controllers.