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After plenty had assumed the official Dungeons & Dragons ruleset backing and isometric viewpoint heralded the arrival of another old-school RPG great, it’s safe to say this wasn't entirely the case with Sword coast Legends. It’s garnered a Mixed rating on Steam, and there’s plenty out there with less than stellar things to say about it. As developer n-Space puts it rather more diplomatically - it’s a “polarizing” game.
Sword Coast Legends officially launches on 29 September, but those who pre-order will be able to get in nearly three weeks early and begin role-playing on 11 September. This marks the beginning of the Head Start campaign for the party-based Dungeons & Dragons RPG, with custom gameplay sessions from the developers at n-Space.
n-Space and Digital Extremes have revealed an extensive new E3 101 trailer for its upcoming role-playing game Sword Coast Legends, as well as announcing the title will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year.
Sword Coast Legends couldn't be anymore of a throwback to classic role-playing if it tried. A fantastical RPG set within the Forgotten Realms universe, Sword Coast Legends uses the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset to deliver a fusion of classic tabletop gaming and cRPGs. Created by a team of ex-Dragon Age: Origins devs, Sword Coast Legends features a sprawling single-player campaign with five playable races and six classes.
Blow the dust off your twenty-sided dice, Dungeons and Dragons is returning this year on PC. Created by Unreal Tournament and The Darkness II studio Digital Extremes, in conjunction with n-Space, Sword Coast Legends sticks to its tabletop roots with four human players co-operating together in an adventure managed in real-time by player-controlled Dungeon Masters.