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The time is upon us, and the system requirements for FIFA 21 have officially been revealed. Whilst these games have usually always been some pretty good looking titles, the specs never really illustrated that. The good news here is that the FIFA 21 system specs are almost identical to last year's, so if you were able to play FIFA 20 just fine, you'll also be able to play FIFA 21 fine.
eFootball PES 2021 is back again this year with a season update, but how different is it from the previous year? Well not much really, as the system requirements have recently been revealed and they're not very demanding.
The time has finally come, CD Projekt Red have officially revealed the PC system requirements for Cyberpunk 2077 during the most recent episode of Night City Wire, giving us a chance to see whether now is the time to upgrade to Nvidia's brand new RTX 30 series of graphics cards.
The life of a gangster is nearly upon us, as Mafia: Definitive Edition launches in just 9 days. But the remake has been created from the ground up with all new visuals and graphical fidelity, so how demanding is it? The official PC system requirements for the Mafia remake have been revealed, and they're not too far off from those early preview build specs.
After recently being announced to launch in Early Access on October 13th, the dino FPS Second Extinction PC system requirements have been revealed, and they're a little bit odd.
It doesn't look like much when you first look at it, but Serious Sam 4 packs a punch, and I'm not just talking about the hordes of enemies you'll be facing. The system requirements for Serious Sam 4 have been revealed, and it has some pretty demanding specs.
Yarr me mateys, the official PC system requirements for Port Royale 4 have finally arrived ahead of the game's release on September 25th. But how demanding is it? Will we need to commit to a life of pirating on the open seas in order to acquire the right hardware? Or are we good with what we have? Let's dive in and take a look at the Port Royale 4 system requirements...
The free-to-play Action-RPG Genshin Impact is officially launching on September 28th for PC, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS, with servers going live at 10am (UTC+8). Along with the launch announcement came all the hardware and device recommendations in order to play properly when the game releases.
We're less than 2 weeks away from the official launch of Mafia: Definitive Edition, the full on remake of the original 2002 classic. Since it has been rebuilt from the ground up, expectations are pretty high for graphical fidelity, and whilst we haven't got any official PC system requirements yet, apparently the system specs for the preview build have just been revealed.
Last week we reported on the official PC system requirements for the recently announced World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, which ended up requiring an SSD for the minimum specs. This obviously confused a lot of people as SSDs are generally listed only under recommended specs, and threw off quite a few players.