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Last week, Epic revealed Quantic Dream would be bringing a trio of its games to PC, exclusively through the Epic Games Store, including Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, and Beyond Two Souls. Detroit: Become Human is one of the best-looking games I've ever laid my eyes on, so this is well poised to be a visual showcase on PC. 
Julian Gollop is the undisputed godfather of turn-based tactics, so when the creator of the XCOM series, and his new studio Snapshot Games, announced Phoenix Point, the gaming world sits up and takes notice. Phoenix Point is very much pitched as a spiritual successor to XCOM, right down to the bug-like alien menace terrorising Earth. Will Phoenix Point be terrorising your PC though? Let's find out.
Everyone's 10th-favourite Assassin's Creed game is being given the remaster treatment this month. Assassin's Creed III: Remastered updates the colonial America stab-em-up for a modern audience, moving to a new graphics engine, enhancing the visuals, improving gameplay mechanics and more. AC3 may be seven years but don't expect running the remastered version to be an easy task though...
It can sometimes feel like Lovecraftian horror games are everywhere these days, although seldom do they actually live up to their legacy. Frogware's The Sinking City is looking mighty promising indeed though, pairing a 1920's-style investigative adventure with a flooded city, bizarre murders, and creeping dread of cosmic horrors. The Sinking City comes to PC in June, and here are the PC specs you'll need.
Having sidelined into fantasy with Warhammer for a while, Creative Assembly is back to its core philosophy of historical warfare with Total War: Three Kingdoms, a grand depicting of the warring nations of Ancient China. It'll be waging war on your PC come May 23rd, 2019, and here are the PC specs you'll need to play Total War: 3 Kingdoms.
Chernobylite is a newly announced sci-fi horror game set within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. It's the work of The Farm 51, creators of Get Even and World War 3, utilising 3D-scanned photogrammetry to create an eerily lifelike rendition of this abandoned area. Farm 51 has promised Chernobylite will be a non-linear experience with challenging FPS combat, crafting and survival elements, and a few supernatural twists.
In typically late form for Koei Tecmo, the system requirements for Dead or Alive 6 have been revealed just three days ahead of its March 1st launch on PC. DOA6 is another unmistakeably Japanese 3D fighting game with multi-tiered stages and grappling-centric combat. It's not going to go easy on your system though, here are the DOA6 PC system specs.
From the minds of a collective of mech action masters, Left Alive is the sci-fi story of war-torn Novo Slava in 2127, where man and machine face off in a battle for survival. The system specs have arrived for Left Alive and it seems you'll be facing a similar battle between man and machine if you're hoping to run it.
There's something ludicrously addictive about Trials' particular brand of hair-pulling difficulty and motorcycle mayhem. It's a series that's more than the sum of its parts. Trials Rising is out next week and a free beta test is available to play now, providing a taster of what to expect. Naturally, this also means the Trials Rising PC system specs have been revealed. 
Long the domain of beardy wizards, Age of Wonders: Planetfall takes the long-running strategy series in a trip to the stars and beyond. It's a radical revamp for the turn-based strategy series and one that 4X fans are keenly looking forward. Paradox Interactive has now revealed an August 6th release date for AoW: Planetfall, which is quite a bit further away than we were expecting.
Jump Force arrives on February 15th, a day that's shaping up to be a very hectic Friday indeed. Bandai Namco's Jump Force is a fantastic looking fighter that blends many manga universes and heroes together, including One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh and more. It's coming to PC day and date with consoles and the final system specs for Jump Force have now been revealed.