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This weekend marked the start of the E3 2021 event, and with it has already brought some brand new and exciting game reveals. Yesterday's Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021 showcase was a big one, and one of the most anticipated reveals from that show was the next Forza Horizon.
Listen up, Stalkers. We've been waiting a long time to see more of the upcoming highly anticipated sequel and Microsoft finally gave us a good look over the weekend during their Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021 showcase. But if you want to prepare for the road ahead, you'll need some seriously beefy gear.
Yarr me mateys- Wait, no, sorry wrong time period. Greetings fellow squires, doth perhaps looking for the latest of scribings pertaining to the PC hardware required of thee for Chivalry 2? Fear thee not! For our royalness shall now proclaim the official PC system requirements, so that you may get back on your feet and fight the dreadeth enemy.
The Action Comedy series No More Heroes was once exclusive to the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Switch console platforms, but Suda51's cult classic series is finally making its way to the PC platform, and with not that long of a wait either as both games will be launching on June 9th.
CI Games' latest entry in the Sniper Ghost Warrior universe once again takes us on the new Contracts formula. There's a heavy emphasis on preparing yourself with the right gear for each mission, but what about the right gear to play the game itself? What kind of hardware is needed to run?
The Warhammer video game universe continues to expand with the latest entry now officially launching on June 15th, publisher Slitherine confirmed recently. Another turn-based Strategy set within the Warhammer universe, Battlesector sure looks like a lot of fun, but what will it take to run?
As the second Beta for the latest Pathfinder game is around the corner (less than a week away now!), developer Owlcat Games has revealed the official PC system requirements, and they're not very demanding at all.
Developer 4A Games recently announced a fully ray traced "Enhanced Edition" of their latest entry in the Metro franchise. Free for all owners of the original game, it essentially replaces all lighting with ray tracing, and the PC system requirements reveal it needs a pretty beefy setup in order to run at its best.
A day before its official release, Sega has revealed the official PC system requirements for their upcoming remaster of the beloved classic Rome: Total War, but with a bit of a name change this time. 4K visuals, new content and graphical enhancements, what kind of hardware will be needed to run the game at its best?
The highly anticipated next chapter in the Tales of series is launching later this year for PC and consoles. But how well will it perform? And what kind of hardware will you need to run the game at its best? Let's take a look at the official PC system requirements...
A new chapter in the Monster Hunter Stories series is launching this Summer on July 9th. Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be releasing for PC and Nintendo Switch, but how well will it perform? Let's take a look at the official PC system requirements...