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The highly addictive sandbox game, Minecraft has grown into something so much more, the new update will see brand new items, events and a whole load of improvements. Journey’s End will be Terraria’s final major update, hence the name, that was announced at last year’s E3 and now we finally have an official release after eagerly awaiting so long.
The dangerously addictive Terrara is to get a successor of sorts, although Re-Logic and Engine Software insist Terraria: Otherworld isn’t a direct sequel to 2011’s 2D sandbox. Terraria: Otherworld is crafting and survival-oriented once more though, and is set within an alternate dimension of the Terraria universe, one which appears to be a lot more volatile and dangerous to newcomers.
The Humble Jumbo Bundle’s back, and this time it’s offering a total of 11 games and expansion content in its latest pay-what-you-want offering, with the promise of more games still to come.
It’s getting towards the end of the year, a time where we look back at what we’ve been doing for the last twelve months, so we’ve asked some of GD’s regular writers to tell us about their favourite games and tech of 2013. Having just finished his gargantuan 365 Days Of Gaming project, OSUBoarder looks back at his favourite.
Fans of indie phenomenon Terraria have had a lot to celebrate this week. The expansive patch 1.2 – which went live on Tuesday – added over one thousand new items, as well as new weather patterns, new bosses, new music, graphical and performance improvements and bug fixes.
OSUBoarder is still going with his 365 Days of Gaming, and we're here to bring you Day 28, where he plays Terraria.
A new popular sandbox indie game to recently emerge is Terraria, described as similar to Metroid and a little like Minecraft. The game has been built by the small indie team Re-Logic and has sold a reported 50,000 copies since its release only a few days back.