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I don’t know what it says about me, or people on general, that I enjoyed the thankless trudge of The Banner Saga, viking raiders, frostbite, and the long dark be damned. Despite being fantastically downbeat and wanting to wreck you at every turn, its tactical strategy and gorgeous hand-drawn visuals had me hooked. Which is why I’ve got a beady eye on the sequel, wondering just how Stoic plans to up its game, and whether it’s going to be worth coming back for more.
Fans of thankless trudges through a harsh wilderness rejoice, for The Banner Saga 2 has had its release date confirmed. Originally a 2015 launch before being shunted back to Q1 2016, the sequel to Stoic’s remarkable Viking-themed tactical strategy game will now be with us on April 19th. That’s just the PC version though, with console ports arriving later this summer.
The original Banner Saga released on PC at the beginning of 2014. It was a beautiful, interactive story driven experience and consequently well received by the media. It was voted Indie Game of the Year in our own GD Global Game Awards last November.
Among the many game announcements cropping up over the weekend,, Stoic has formally announced the second instalment of The Banner Saga. The Banner Saga 2 continues the tale of the original, and is the second part in a planned trilogy of titles set to arrive from Stoic, a relatively new development team formed by a trio of ex-BioWare developers. 
After news of a rather unpleasant (not to mention utterly ridiculous) legal case against The Banner Saga by Candy Crush creators King last month, fans of the Kickstarted hit have something to celebrate. The team at Stoic Games have taken to their site blog and Facebook page to confirm that they are beginning work on the second game in the series after a “short hiatus”.