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Roger (and his son Roger Jr) the boxing kangaroos have been Tekken stapleS for as long as I can remember, but the gloved marsupialS won’t be making a return in Tekken 7. Series creator Katsuhiro Harada has said Roger Jr has had to be cut from the Tekken 7 fighting roster due to worries about potential animal activists.
I literally cannot think why on Earth you would want to do this, but we can confirm the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers do work straight out of the box with a PC. All you need to do is establish a Bluetooth connection and you’re good to go.
The first PlayStation VR headsets are out in the wild now, and it turns out they may have more uses than we’d at first thought. Early adopters have been plugging them into just about HDMI input they can find and were surprised to find it accepts a signal from just about everything. What this means is you can plug a PSVR straight into a PC and it will display your desktop as a gigantic cinema display. A budget VR option could well be here for PC gamers with a little fine tuning.