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GeForce Now came and everyone rejoiced, then, all of a sudden, it seemed like the whole world was against it (more specifically, video game publishing and development companies). Now it seems like we have some new light on the situation and it doesn’t bode well for Indie developers. Allegedly, indie developers are not happy with GeForce Now’s cloud gaming service, or more specifically, one indie game developer at the moment…
Hinterlands has dropped first trailer for The Long Dark: Episode 3 - Crossroads Elegy, the long-awaited continuation of its Wintermute storyline. It’s more than two years since Episode 2 so it’s safe to say that fans have been chomping at the bit for an update. They need chomp no longer though, because Episode 3 - Crossroads Elegy will be launching on October 22nd, 2019.
It’s been lurking in Steam Early Access for the best part of three years now, but the quietly successful The Long Dark has now officially launched, complete with a single-player story-based campaign to complement its usual survival antics. Dubbed Wintermute, this is an episodic story that launched yesterday and contained two of its eventual five chapters. It revolves around bush pilot Will McKenzie, whose plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness and separates him from Dr. Astrid Greenwood. Mackenzie must plunge ever deeper into The Long Dark’s daunting wilderness in an attempt to find her.
The Long Dark has had its long-awaited new region added in the v.192 update, adding almost 10 square kilometres of new land to explore and no doubt tragically starve to death on. Pleasant Valley is a rural mountain pass littered with farms, caves, and fields. Don't let that fool you though, it's still about -50 and hideously punishing to survive in.
Hinterland’s ambitious survival simulator The Long Dark has had a huge new update, doubling the game’s land mass and making it twice as long. The new Coastal Highway makes up the new area which can be accessed by following the railway line at Mystery Lake and saves are compatible with the previous version so you can wander right on in.