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We’re all guilty of it. Some shiny new hardware comes out that would dramatically improve our gaming performance, but then there’s a niggling part at the back of our brains that reminds us - something better will be along at this same price point soon, why not just wait? Before you know it you’re locked in an endless cycle of waiting, playing games on a pocket calculator while you tick off the days until the GeForce GTX 2580 Ti is finally out.
As chip manufacturers look at ever new ways of advancing power, scientists at the University of Texas reckon they’ve got an even better method than the currently hype graphene, offering up silicene as the next wonder material to conquer Moore’s law.
The Next BIG Thing Minimum System Requirements * OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Vista SP1 or 7 * CPU: Intel/AMD 2.0GHZ equivalent, or higher * RAM: 1GB (XP)/2GB (Vista/7) * HDD: 8GB * GFX: 256 MB 100% DirectX 9 compatible, ATI Radeon X800/Intel GMA 3000/Nvidia GeForce 6800 or Higher* * DirectX®: 9.0 * Sound: DirectX 9 compatible



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