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The Surge may only be just over a year old but developer Deck 13 is already deep into development of The Surge 2, the upcoming sequel due out in 2019.
For fans of Dark Souls who a hankering for sci-fi action, Deck13 Interactive’s The Surge was a damn good pretender. It wasn’t quite on the level of a Souls game, but it was a hell of an effort.
Deck13’s Souls-like The Surge evidently did well enough to warrant a sequel, with the developer announcing a renewal of its partnership with publisher Focus Home Interactive. Together, they’ll be working on releasing The Surge 2 on PC and consoles in 2019.
I don’t know what I was expecting from Deck13’s The Surge, but it certainly wasn’t for the combat to be dynamic, versatile and fast paced. In the latest Combat Trailer for The Surge, we get a peek at what promises to be a highly technical combat system, one that revolves around well timed dodges, constant movement and sharply executed attacks. Factor in both horizontal and vertical attacks, and the ability to target and dismember specific limbs, grafting them onto your own body, and you have a recipe for a challenging experience which demands quick thinking.
OK, I think we need to talk about the possibility that Focus Home Interactive may actually publish a fantastic action RPG. I’m talking about Deck13’s The Surge of course, its take on sci-fi Dark Souls. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up in the same camp as the likes of Bound by Flame and Space Hulk Deathwing. There’s a swanky new trailer out for The Surge showcasing the loot on offer, although you’re not just going to find it lying around in a tempting treasure chest. That would be far too simple.
Dark Souls-likes are a 10-a-penny these days, but few of them can ever hope to hold a candle to From Software's magnum opus. The Surge is looking to change all that. It's unashamedly sci-fi Dark Souls, but we can't just gloss over the fact it's sci-fi. This makes The Surge fundamentally different from an aesthetic point of view, as well as affording developer Deck13 the ability to introduce robot limb chopping mechanics. You can hack off specific parts, Horizon-style, weakening your opponents. The Surge has been previewing very strongly, and Focus has just announced it's out on May 16th. If sci-fi Dark Souls sounds like your thing, here are the official The Surge PC system requirements.
Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive have announced their upcoming hardcore action RPG ‘The Surge’ will be launching in May. It looks like a bit of a Dark Souls clone, the twist being that you can target individual limbs, Dead Space-style, strategically lopping them off to weaken your robotic nemeses.
Deck 13 are the absolute masters at bang average games. Just ask Jack Keane and Lords of the Fallen. It looks as if the German studio may be trending upwards however, if the latest gameplay trailer for The Surge is anything to go. Sci-fi Dark Souls seems to be too easy a brush to paint this with, but that’s exactly what it looks like. Right down to the lumbering movement, hard hitting bosses and You Died. Sorry, No Vital Signs Found.
Deck 13 is back for another foray onto Dark Souls’ turf with The Surge. Having found themselves skirting a little too close to From’s finest with 2014’s Lords of the Fallen, The Surge takes a bit of a different twist. Set in a far future version of Earth where global warming has all but wiped out humanity, The Surge is still all about punishing and tactical melee action. However, players can target individual limbs and weak points on enemies, as well as upgrade their exo-suit to specialise in a wide variety of combat styles.
You may have noticed yesterday evening that Nvidia waited until the last minute to have a massive (now expired) key giveaway for The Division. Getting hold of that beta key and trying to redeem it in Uplay was like a game in itself. Not a very good one though, admittedly. Sites slowed to a crawl, Uplay decided to bug out, and it gave us a little taste of what to expect when The Division’s beta actually goes live.
Lords of the Fallen creators Deck13 have announced The Surge, a sci-fi themed hardcore role-playing game with visceral combat. Publishing duties are being handled by Focus Home Interactive, and we’re expected to see plenty of it during a showing at Gamescom next month.