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The absolutely excellent first-person puzzler The Witness is currently free to add to your library. The catch, and it’s probably a big one for some of you, is The Witness is being given away on the Epic Games Store.
Jonathan Blow and his team at Thekla have announced pre-orders for upcoming first-person puzzler The Witness have gone live. Such was the demand for Blow’s long anticipated follow-up to Braid that the game’s website was “crushed by massive demand.”
Few games are quite as long in the tooth as Jonathan Blow's The Witness. Him and his team at Thekla have been working on this indie puzzler since 2008. That's an eight-year development cycle, which is mind-boggling really.
I remember way, way back when The Witness was touted as a “Launch Window” title for the PlayStation 4. It since disappeared from sight for a little while, but Braid creator Jonathan Blow’s next game is officially launching on January 26th, 2016.
Despite the success of Jonathan Blow’s breakout hit Braid, the six year development of The Witness is beginning to take its toll, with Blow admitting he’s spent everything he earned and has been forced to borrow money in order to finish its development.
Jonathan Blow seems intent on outdoing himself with every batch of screenshots he ushers forth from the stunning looking The Witness.
An extensive new walkthrough of The Witness has surfaced, with Braid creator Jonathan Blow detailing the opening series of events in Number None’s gorgeous looking puzzler.
Jonathan Blow’s gorgeous looking follow-up to indie darling Braid is to feature up to forty hours of puzzling content in its sprawling cel-shaded world.