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There are a few juicy Epic Games Store freebies up for grabs right now. Obviously, some of you will be vehemently opposed to all things Epic Games and so this won’t really apply to you (why are you here, you crazy fools?) but, over the course of the next week, you’ll be able to grab four free games to keep courtesy of Epic's bottomless pockets.
Update 1.2 for This War of Mine is set to confront that feeling of security that nothing seems to provide in quite the same way as your childhood home. Players will now be able to opt for their survivors to operate out of a treehouse during their struggle to take refuge from the anarchic war-torn remains of their neighbourhood, as part of a whole new shelter included in the update.
A different approach to how we treat war games looks to steadily be gaining ground. While we're still treated to the yearly releases of Call of Duty and legions of other bombastic shooters, it seems there's also room for the more contemplative approach to what is always a large-scale human tragedy. Valiant Hearts: The Great War captured gamers with its moving tale of WW1 that for once wasn't about headshots and hand grenades but rather loss and companionship.