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There’s a curious aura surrounding Apex Legends these days. The peppy little usurper to Fortnite’s battle royale crown, Apex Legends launched to a wave of goodwill and hype. However, a slower update schedule compared to Fortnite has seen Apex Legends fade from grace somewhat.
City builder fans after some sci-fi goodness have probably been keeping an eye of Industries of Titan, a large-scale metropolis-building strategy game. Compete with other houses on Saturn's moon of Titan of constructing the most powerful factories for your industrial cities. Industries of Titan is coming to PC at some point this year, and here are the PC specs you'll need.
Data miners have been going a little bit mad with the latest build of Apex Legends, uncovering a whole treasure trove of potential updates coming to the battle royale shooter. This includes new modes, features, and the skills of the first two new Legends.
EA’s been busy delivering a typically dry analysis of its financial results for the previous fiscal quarter, as well as outlining their plans for the year ahead. And, right on cue, those plans include an all-new Need For Speed title as well as the return of Plants vs Zombies.
UPDATE: Apex Legends has been revealed and it's out right now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Apex Legends is a free-to-play 60-player battle royale title loosely set in the Titanfall universe.
Nvidia has been sending out what appears to be a brand new Nvidia Titan RTX flagship graphics cards to various social media influencers such as The Slow Mo Guys, LinusTechTips and Deadmau5. They’ve all been posting not-so-subtle pictures of PC builds with Nvidia Titan RTX graphics cards and it’s giving me major Wayne’s World Pepsi flashbacks.
Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment will have multiple games released by holiday 2018, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson has told investors.
A new market report from investment analyst specialist Cowen has claimed that pre-order numbers for Battlefield V are “weak”.
Engineers and researchers may have uncovered quite a major error with Nvidia’s flagship prosumer GPU, the Nvidia Titan V. According to an engineer who’s spoken to The Register, the Titan V has a critical flaw that means it can produce errors when running scientific calculations, one of the primary uses for this $3000 graphics card.
Nvidia’s ridiculously expensive, astonishingly powerful Titan V graphics card certainly turned a few heads when it was released before the weekend. $2999 is a lot of money though, and is this a graphics card purely aimed at the workstation market? Well, the first performance benchmarks are out, courtesy of a Reddit user by the name of 'MrOmgWtfHaxor'.
Nvidia’s just dropped a bit of a bomb, revealing the new Nvidia Titan V, the new most powerful graphics card in the world. It’s the first consumer-grade GPU to be built on the Volta architecture, offering unparalleled compute performance. As of 2017, The Nvidia Titan V is the fastest consumer graphics card in the world.



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