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If the Greenskins, Chaos Warriors, Vampire Counts and Dwarfs of Total War: Warhammer aren’t your bag, then you’re probably crazy. Crazy people still love to play games though, it turns out, and the Creative Assembly have you got us covered with yet another expansion pack for Total War: Attila. Creative Assembly have touted a February 25th release date for the DLC, and there’s also a possibility it may well be available free of charge.
It might seem like old hat with Total Warhammer just around the corner, but Creative Assembly’s still supporting Total War: Attila with the announced of its largest expansion pack yet. Attila - Age of Charlemagne continues the base game’s historical progress, this time introducing the medieval period, starting in Europe from the year 768AD. Which makes it sound like Medieval: Total War III then.
We’ve crept into the early stages of planning the Global Game Awards 2015, and I have to say it almost slipped my mind completely that Total War: Attila was even a thing. By all accounts it wasn’t much of an improvement, if any, over Rome II, but in the ensuing months Creative Assembly has been doing its best to load it up with more content and rebalance the game.
The Creative Assembly has announced The Last Roman Campaign Pack, the largest expansion yet for this year’s Total War: Attila. The downloadable content adds a massive new campaign map to play, as well as adding five new playable factions, including the Roman Expedition, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Franks and Visigoths.
The Creative Assembly has released mod development tools for Total War: Attila. The Attila Assembly Kit means every Tom, Dick and Hun can get busy crafting all sorts of mods, before sharing them on the Steam Workshop - for free, I hasten to add!
I have to admit I wasn’t fully prepared for the bloodbath that would ensue for the Total War: Attila - Blood & Burning DLC trailer, but it turns out The Creative Assembly has been remarkably true to its word. Unleashing the full horror of the Hun’s nomadic apocalypse, the Blood and Burning DLC brings in some truly brutal blood effects for the most ardent war mongerers.
If you’ve seen our Total War: Attila benchmarks on the GeForce GTX 670 then you’ll know by now it can be quite a demanding beast. No matter what The Creative Assembly does in terms of optimising it for release, there’s no getting around the fact that thousands upon thousands of soldiers battling it out with incredible detail is going to prove a drain on system resources.
The thunderous sound of a million hooves signals the arrival of Total War: Attila onto the battlefield today. The infamous Hun and Scourge of God Attila leads the charge, bringing a redesigned combat engine with advanced destruction mechanics and spreading fire. Attila: Total War is Creative Assembly's tactical strategy as we know and love it, given a fresh helping of mayhem and destruction.
Total War: Attila handily comes with its own benchmarking tool, providing frames per second reports during a particularly demanding battle scene. Thousands of troops are bearing down on a besieged city, going toe to toe, as a raging inferno takes hold. Towers crumble under trebuchet fire as dozens of separate battles happen across a battlefield. Like any gaming benchmark Total War: Attila's is designed to test the very limits of what the game can achieve visually, and it really puts the GeForce GTX 670 through its paces.
Total War: Attila is galloping into view tomorrow, bringing with it the Hun hordes. For real-time strategists a new Total War is massive deal, and Attila features the infamous warlord himself, backed by a million horsemen, rampaging toward Rome.
Attila you rotten swine, you. The greatest Hun of them all is at it in again the latest Total War: Attila trailer, recreating The Last Supper with the corpses of his fallen foes. He clearly loved a bit of murderering, and this trailer likes to remind us just how much he revelled in it.