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I get the feeling that Ubisoft has had a single RedLynx programmer squirreled away in some remote location, working solo on the Trials Fusion multiplayer portion which was expected to be available at launch. It’s now close to a year since Trials Fusion graced us with one of the most heinous game soundtracks of all time, but at long last the multiplayer component is arriving courtesy of update 4.
Trials Fusion, that ode to hair-pullingly difficult physics-based action, will be getting the first of its planned six DLC packs later this month.
A brand new update is arriving for Trials Fusion today that, among other things, lowers the previously sky-high system requirements to a slightly more manageable level.
Trials is a series unlike few out there, demanding the upmost in precision, oftentimes at breakneck speed. Trials Fusion looks to be no different, setting the standard for the next generation of bike-em-ups.
Pre-order a copy of Trials Fusion for PC and you’ll be able to gain access to the closed beta which begins *checks watch* right now. Which is good news, because it’s also been hit by a slight delay.
The only time I’ve ever ridden something with two wheels and an engine I ended up driving out the rental shop and straight through a cafe table. I didn’t fare much better in Trials HD either.