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Originally announced back in October 2018, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince has been re-announced, this time with an actual trailer so we can see what the fuss is all about.
Frozenbyte is back. The Trine developer has been lying low for a few years, but it’s now officially announced Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince. Trine 3 wasn’t exactly beloved when it launched back in 2015, dropping the 2D plane in favour of a largely 3D physics-based platforming adventure. This stopped the 8-million strong franchise dead in its tracks, but fan outcry has spurred the decision to make a fourth.
One of the more exciting releases this month is undoubtedly Phantom Doctrine, a Cold War spin on the classic XCOM turn-based tactics. It’s from the folks at Good Shepherd Entertainment and CraftForge Games, who you may recognise from Hard West and Ancient Space. It’s all about subterfuge and it’s based on classic spy movies, plunging the player into a tale of conspiracies, covert operations, and gadgets, lots and lots of gadgets.
Phantom Doctrine is a turn based Xcom style tactical game, set in a 1980s cold war era. Its being put together by Creative Forge, the same devs that brought us the popular wild west turn based game, Hard West. They have around 50 devs in their studio so they are no longer a small operation and it is definitely showing through in their games.
I'll admit to being slightly out of the loop on this, having not known the game was even revealed, but Trine developer FrozenByte has announced Shadwen, a brand new IP, will be launching this coming May on PC. It's a pure stealth game in which you play as assassin Shadwen, who encounters an orphan girl called Lily. Shadwen's on a quest to kill the king, and naturally she thinks it's a fantastic idea to drag a small child along for the ride. Think 'Léon goes medieval' and you're pretty much there. 
Wizards, knights and thieves. The three pillars of beardy greatness, and the foundations upon which Frozenbyte has built one of the most adored 2D platforming series out there today. 2D that is, until today, whence Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power reaches out and latches onto another dimension of platform hopping pleasure.
Well I didn’t see this one coming. Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power was only announced a matter of weeks ago, but developer Frozenbyte Games has now confirmed it will be available to purchase on Steam Early Access this coming Tuesday.
Frozenbyte has announced a third outing for Trine, its immensely popular co-op puzzle platformer series. Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power has the three returning heroes embarking on a new adventure through a picturesque fairytale world.
We're rounding off this stage of Assassins Creed 4 coverage, so it's about time we got a bit more into the deeper design ideas that were chosen, as well as brief word on the Multiplayer.
Trine 2 is a beautiful side scrolling game with a twist. You control 3 fantasy characters almost at the same time. Switching between them quickly to perform magic, melee or balistic skills to solve interesting puzzles in beautifully stylised landscapes. It worked wonders for the first game, Trine, we think it will win the hearts of gamers a second time around too.
Trine gets its latest patch v1.06