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PC Peripherals are a great way of extending the immersion in video games, especially more simulator-oriented genres. Stuff like racing wheels, joysticks, and of course, VR headsets, are all ways of enhancing that immersion felt within a certain game, and can even provide better control. The latest simulator that has caught everyone’s eye is 2020’s Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Thrustmaster have just unveiled a new product range for plane enthusiasts officially licensed by Airbus.
I was just having a look online and stumbled across something pretty cool in my opinion and thought I’d let you guys know! Acer have just recently unveiled their Predator X25 gaming monitor which features an astounding 360Hz refresh rate. Whilst it may not be the first monitor to get that high, it certainly makes up for in other features that make this monitor a pretty good fit for competitive multiplayer gamers.
Remember when handheld consoles were massive? And I’m not talking about the PSP or the recent Nintendo Switch, but those old-school classics like the Gameboy and all those other rip offs that came after it. Anyway they were huge a while ago, and even though some of them only had the capacity to display two different colors, they were fun and most importantly, they were a novelty.
Meet Mojang Studios, the new name and logo that Mojang has unveiled for their company as they work to expand on their intellectual properties and global studio coverage, on the celebration of Minecraft’s 11th anniversary. Yes, that’s right, Minecraft is nearly a teenager, oh how time flies! They must be some proud parents to one of the single most successful video games ever created.
AMD has revealed their brand new workstation, the Radeon Pro VII. This new AMD graphics card is intended for broadcast professionals, CAD, CAE, and high performance computing, that rivals the Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000. Its surely no coincidence that this AMD announcement was made one day ahead of today's Nvidia's GTC keynote. Because its always a good strategy to steal back a little attention ahead of your competitors time on centre stage. We will give an overview of today's Nvidia event shortly, but first...
On the lookout for a new monitor? Feel like no one out there can keep up with today’s competitive scene? Need to upgrade your old one beyond 1080p? Well good news!  AOC have just unveiled a high refresh rate, QHD gaming monitor with low pixel latency and Freesync compatible.
The push for SSDs to surpass HDDs in terms of generally storage has hit a bit of impasse as of late. It’s been vaguely assumed for a while that traditional hard drive storage had reached somewhat of a peak in terms of density, or at least a case of significant diminishing returns. Well, the advantage has just swung back in favour of good old-fashioned mechanical HDDs.
Yesterday in extremely surprising news, the once legendary Atari announced its new video game-themed Atari Hotels. No it’s not April fool’s day yet, yes I have checked myself, yes it is in fact definitely real; there’s even an official website. So now we’ve gotten past that hurdle, let’s talk about what’s actually going on here.
Following on from Nvidia’s announcement of 360Hz G-Sync adaptive sync technology at CES 2020, Asus has announced its all-new 360Hz capable monitor with G-SYNC technology.
Just as expected, AMD revealed the Radeon RX 5600 series to the world during its pre-CES 2020 showcase, along with a pair of new mobile graphics cards.
There’s an old saying, which I’ve just made up, that you can never have enough frames. Nvidia has taken this thought process to its near enough extreme with the announcement of the world’s first 360Hz gaming monitor with Nvidia G-Sync compatibility.