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Let’s be honest here, whether you like them or hate them, remakes and remasters are undoubtedly a hot topic at the moment, and they remain to be extremely popular. Nostalgia is an easy drug, all you need to do is prey on a consumer’s childhood memories, bringing them back to when times were easy and the world wasn’t so grim, and then hey presto! You’ve got yourself a hit.
We all love games here, and most of us would have run into instances where we needed to upgrade our rig in order to get better performance out of the games we want. Sometimes we preemptively buy them so that we're ready for the next big game, and sometimes we hold off as long as possible to get the most lifespan out of our cards, and some of us have even thought about running a multi-GPU setup using SLI or Crossfire.
History is an important part of every culture, and whilst it has many adaptations across many forms of media, video games tend to get the most amount of criticism. Whereas films and TV shows merit a certain amount of ‘artistic license’, generally speaking video games are seen as more of an authority on the matter simply because of the added layer of interactivity. Because we can interact with the historical world to such a level, and the fact that so much money and research gets put into development, it becomes much easier to critique when a game lacks the appropriate amount of historical accuracy.
Are you an RPG fan? A shooter fan? A strategy fan? Whatever you are a fan of, there’s already been a good selection of genres to choose from this year. Whether that's traversing the animated universe of DBZ in Resident Evil 3 Remake, we want to know which game is your favorite of 2020 so far!
While many games have already been delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, with development studios transitioning to a work-from-home environment; Cyberpunk 2077, to see how this may affect it's September 17th release date.
We’ve all played a multiplayer match where we thought we were doing so well we could maybe make a living out of it, then we see actual pros and we realise we were nowhere close. And if you’ve gotten really into your competitive multiplayer shooters, like Call of Duty Warzone, you might have come across the well known debate of Low vs High graphics options in such games.
Capcom seems to have had a bit too much sugar recently, as Resident Evil 3 Remake has just been released.
It’s been well over a decade since we last got the last Half-Life game, and just as long since we got that infamous cliffhanger to Half-Life 2: Episode 3.
Since we’re already 3 months into the year 2020 and we know a lot of games that are in development, and the fact that we’re all practicing safe social distancing and self-isolation, we thought we could take this time to discuss what game currently in development has the most potential.
Video games are fun, we all know that, but do video games give you enough reason to 100% them? A lot of games give you trackers towards 100% completion, some give you rewards for it, but others often don’t do either. With DOOM Eternal’s release yesterday, I at least would like to know how many of us enjoy completing a game to 100% and why?
As it continues to spread, we are all probably well aware of the corona virus. It has of course been picked up swiftly by the media as the severity of this issue continues to grow. With it being such an important topic we wanted to provide a place for gamers to chat about the level of impact this could have on gaming in general. To what degree do we think the gaming industry will suffer and how does this impact compare to that seen across other industries?