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As E3 2021 finished off this week, the official awards event took place on the final day, with various different media outlets judging who took the crown for most anticipated game and best showcase overall. The winner was a little surprising given all the major announcements made, but it didn’t include any of the other game showcases that occurred in the same week outside of E3 2021.
Video games are a great source of entertainment for anyone of any age, but as with any other medium and piece of art you can only ever experience them for the first time once. No matter how long you wait until you play/watch/read something again, it will never be exactly like that first time.
In celebration of EA’s official reveal of the next Battlefield game, we thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and figure out what made the series special, if you are excited for the future of the franchise, and most importantly, what is your favorite Battlefield game of all time?
Video games are a source for all sorts of creativity, mainly due to their interactive nature (you can’t make mods for movies, or interact with music the same way you would a video game). But one popular feature that has been making its way into games recently is a Photo Mode, and although it has always been met with nothing but positive reactions, how often do you actually use Photo Mode in games?
The time is nigh, as we are just a week away from the coveted E3 Summer showcase event that everyone is waiting for. After last year's E3 was cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the show is back in full force and fully digital this time round. But with a week to go and little information about what will be revealed, we wanted to know from you guys what are your E3 2021 gaming predictions?
Rockstar Games is one of the biggest known video game developers of our time, releasing some of the most prolific and commercially successful titles of all time. But their tendency to focus on consoles over PC hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans, with PC ports coming out years after their console release. But there’s one game which has gone the longest time without a proper PC port: the original Red Dead Redemption.
Nvidia’s recently announced RTX 30 LHR (Lite Hash Rate) series is touted as another step for getting graphics cards in the hands of actual gamers after cryptocurrency miners have continually put strain on the market thanks to the recent crypto boom. But will it actually help PC gamers get their hands on one?
Day 9361, it has been 25 years since the launch of the first PlayStation console in the US, and 19 years since the first Xbox and the start of the great console war. I’m not entirely sure if the war is still going on, but Xbox has seemingly given into the PC master race and have simply decided to coexist with them, and Sony has begun to make deals with both sides. Is the end to the console war in sight? Has it already been over? Or is it really only just beginning?
With the release of the latest Resident Evil game in the mainline series to incredible success and critical acclaim, the RE franchise shows no signs of hitting the brakes. Although we can absolutely expect a Resident Evil 9 eventually, the next logical step is for Capcom to remake everyone’s favorite Resident Evil 4. But when should they stop?
Capcom’s beloved Resident Evil franchise first debuted in 1996, and since then countless sequels and spin-offs have been created and released within the RE universe. Depending on who you ask, you could get a completely different answer to the question: what is your favorite Resident Evil game?
Although physical copies of games are still sold for consoles, PC gamers have long since had to deal with the ramifications of a mostly-digital marketplace. There’s pros and cons to either side, but now we have a whole plethora of stores and online shops to buy PC game keys from in 2021. But which one is the best? Let’s debate!