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A launch trailer for V-Rally 4 has been dropped by Bigben and Kyltonn Racing Games, heralding the arrival of the first new game in the rally-racing series for 16 years. V-Rally 4 is out tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the PC release due to follow a couple of weeks later.
For a game that seems to be playing it a bit safe, we were chuffed to discover that V-Rally 4 will be utilising a special stage generator in order to offer up hundreds upon hundreds of track variations.
To me, V-Rally conjures up a very specific and nostalgic era of arcade-like early 3D racing games, an era that faded into obscurity around the time of V-Rally 3’s release in 2002. The franchise is being reignited this September with V-Rally 4 though, with Kylotonn Racing and their proprietary Kt Engine 3D game engine now at the wheel. They’ve dropped a new trailer for V-Rally 4, showing off two of the five featured racing disciplines.
Wow, this is a bit of a blast from the past; V-Rally 4 has been announced. The rally racing series was a big hit back in the PlayStation / N64 era but sunk without trace after the 2002 appearance of V-Rally 3.



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