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Wow, seems like in 2 weeks time we’ll have a lot on our plates, not only is Sea of Thieves coming to Steam in 2 weeks, but the grounded demo is also available on Steam in 2 weeks. But do you know what else is available in 2 weeks? (I’m getting really sick of writing 2 weeks now) Valorant will officially launch on June 2nd which is in, yep, you guessed it, just under 2 weeks time.
Valorant is currently in a closed Beta, and whilst many of us are desperately watching Twitch streamers in hopes of getting a key, Riot revealed the official PC system requirements for their new competitive multiplayer shooter. And it looks like Riot has made sure that this game can pretty much run on anything as long as you can hook up a keyboard and mouse to it.
The brand new competitive multiplayer shooter, Valorant, has been kicking up a storm; both in the sense of popularity and the discussion surrounding concerns over their use of an invasive anti-cheat software, called Vanguard. Now they have offered a reward up to $100,000 as part of their ‘Bug Bounty’ program to anyone who can prove they have exploited the anti-cheat software.
The new competitive FPS multiplayer game, Valorant, has been hitting the streaming world by storm recently, thanks to a brilliant marketing campaign that gives out Beta keys for watching certain streamers on the Twitch platform. Whilst it may be one of the most popular multiplayer games as of right now, there’s something concerning that’s lurking behind the curtains…
Riot Games’ latest outing into the competitive multiplayer scene will be getting a closed Beta soon. The multiplayer FPS, Valorant, is a lot like what you’d get if you crossed Counter Strike with Overwatch. Riot Games made the official announcement for the Valorant Closed Beta over on Twitter, but a post on their website explains more of the details:
Riot Games, the developers behind the incredibly popular and successful MOBA game, League of Legends, recently teased a new competitive FPS game in development. At one point called Project Ares, we now know the game is called Valorant, and we also now have our first glimpse at some gameplay in action.