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Sony’s beginning to set its sights on its 2019 PlayStation 4 exclusives after a 2018 that was exceptionally high in quality, if not quantity. Things kick off in earnest on April 26th with the arrival of Days Gone, a game that’s been getting mixed previews but is showing increasing signs of promise.
DICE has dropped the Devastation of Rotterdam trailer for Battlefield V. After a fairly abject reveal, this is DICE back with a bang. Rotterdam in the Netherlands forms the bulk of the early portion of the trailer, showing Allied forces taken on the occupied Axis troops.
Ubisoft has posted yet more record-breaking financial results. During the first quarter of the 2018-19 fiscal year, Ubisoft raked in record revenues, thanks in no small part to the success of ‘player recurring investment’ (PRI), which is DLC, season passes, microtransactions and subscriptions.
It was the leakiest of leaks, but Bethesda finally got the chance to show off Rage 2 in a proper fashion, kicking off its E3 2018 press conference with an in-depth gameplay trailer from the open-world shooter.
For the last few years Nvidia might have had the gaming partnerships locked up tight, but it turns out AMD has been thinking long-term with its goals. We’ve seen how AMD has the driver advantage with DirectX 12, but the red corner of PC gaming has already sorted out partnerships with the vast majority of DirectX 12-capable titles coming in 2015 and 2016.
I didn’t think I’d ever be saying this about a Transformers game once Michael Bay had got his hands on the franchise and battered it into submission, but Transformers: Devastation is looking legitimately great. It’s an homage to Saturday morning cartoons and the third-person action games popularised two or three generations ago.
Platinum Games upcoming Transformers: Devastation is like a saturday morning injected int your eyeballs. The travesties that are Michael Bay’s movies are swiftly forgotten with this first gameplay trailer, offering up the most authentic cel-shaded recreation of the 80’s Transformers cartoon we’ve yet seen.
Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance developer PlatinumGames has been teasing an E3 reveal for some time now, and it’s now been confirmed the Japanese developer is working on a Transformers game.
For all that we’ve seen Geralt huffing and puffing his way through the vast wilderness of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, up until now we’ve not known for sure just how large this landmass would be. A cartophile’s dream come true, The Witcher 3’s Northern realms stretches for miles, incorporating what looks to be many townships, mountains, and remote islands to explore.
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for the ultimate timewasting tool. Internet Archive and software curator Jason Scott has put together a collection of more than 2,300 MS-DOS games, all playable directly within your browser, and it’s all totally free.
You can probably fit the hype for the next round of DLC for the biggest shooter franchise in the world in a cracker. A really small cracker. Not a Christmas cracker but an altogether smaller cracker for a smaller celebration. Like a Friday.