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The ever-industrious folks at Digital Extremes have just pushed the Warframe: Planes of Eidolon Remaster live. The Planes of Eidolon expansion is yet to even celebrate its second birthday but Digital Extremes has given it a fresh burst of life with a visual makeover and some gameplay goodies.
UPDATE: Warframe’s massive, and totally free, Fortuna expansion pack is coming to PC this week, offering up a huge open-world to explore set on a terraformed version of Venus.
Athlon Games has announced a partnership with Middle-Earth Enterprises for the rights to develop and publish a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game based on The Lord of the Rings franchise.
Digital Extremes has released one of the most significant updates for its free-to-play shooter Warframe since its launch two years ago. The Sanctuary 2.0 update adds a new playable character in the shape of Chroma, an otherworldly elemental creature capable of calling upon fire, electricity, poison and ice attacks to bring down enemies.
Warframe has now been confirmed as a PS4 Exclusive title for the first three months, and will be available as a launch title for the Playstation 4.
Warframe is a curious third person shooter that we've looked at in the past, that's received mixed reviews since its release.
Free to Play games are a dime a dozen in todays market, and although it's easy to feel overwhelmed, you can always try them out before you sink time and money into it.
Warframe, the third person shooter/slash-em-up game, is no longer being kept from the public, but has been unleashed onto Open Beta.
There are many shooters that let you customise your guns; the attachemnts, the skins, maybe even letting you unlock better weapons later. But there are far fewer games that let you customise your entire body.



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