News + Features has just kicked off its huge Winter Sale 2019 in fine style, unveiling more than 2500 discounted DRM-free games and throwing in a free copy of inXile Entertainment’s Wasteland 2 Director's Cut Digital Classic Edition for the first 48 hours.
In the words of the BFG, every so often you get an absolute fizz popper of a Humble Bundle, and the Humble Classics Return Bundle is exactly that. If you’re a big fan of RPGs, tactical strategy, and adventure games, and you also happen to not own this entire bunch, then there are potentially hundreds of hours of fantastic gaming on offer here.
The Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut is out on October 13th, inXile Entertainment has confirmed. Previously known as the Game of the Year Edition, Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut makes a huge raft of improvements to the original, including a total visual upgrade with the switch to the latest Unity 5 game engine.
Wasteland 2: Game of the Year Edition will be coming as a free upgrade for all current owners of the post-apocalyptic RPG, developer inXile Entertainment has announced.
inXile Entertainment’s support of Wasteland 2 has been impeccable since its launch back in September of last year, and it’s by no means done yet. Its latest party trick is shifting Wasteland 2 in its entirety over to Unity 5.
Wasteland 2 might have come out what seems like ages ago now, but inXile Entertainment has been beavering away in the apocalyptic wastes in the months since. Patch 6 for Wasteland 2 is nearly inXile’s “biggest patch ever”, and comes loaded with an absolutely ridiculous number of bug swats. You know the old adage, if it’s broke, fix it.
Last week, Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenara developer inXile Entertainment announced that it had started work on a new project which the community had “passionately demanded” of them. This week, the company set up to file trademarks for inXile by its founder Brian Fargo, Roxy Friday LLC, has filed two trademarks that could provide strong hints at what that project might be.
Chris Keenan, of the InXile Development team behind September’s Wasteland 2, has announced via the latest Wasteland 2 Kickstarter updates that himself “and a few others at the studio” have started work on a new RPG game to be revealed early in the new year.
Wasteland 2 has received an extensive patch from inXile Entertainment that will fix a host of problems and minor issues that users of the game have encountered since its launch last month, as well as performance improvements on lower-end systems. The update is live on Steam already and will be following shortly on, Glyph and Origin.
Rumours are circulating that hot game development property Unity is up for sale, with sources reporting that the company is approaching the likes of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in a preparation for a potential sale.
UPDATE: Oops, inXile Entertainment's PR has issued a correction and apology - Wasteland 2 has not sold 1.5 million copies but has instead amassed $1.5 million in revenue. A pretty significant difference there.