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Watch Dogs Legion proved a magnificent opening to what ended up a fairly humdrum Ubisoft E3 conference. Set in near-future London, Watch Dogs Legion depicts a post-Brexit society in which Scotland has splintered off and gained independence. Authoritarian rule reigns supreme, surveillance cameras watch the citizen’s every move, and the lines between technical advances and high-tech menace grow ever blurrier. It is, to put it lightly, a deeply political game, and one which flies in the face of Ubisoft’s claims it’s “not trying to make political statements [in its] games.”
Watch Dogs Legion was unleashed on the world this evening with a lengthy gameplay trailer to kick off Ubisoft’s E3 2019 live showcase. To be honest, it was just amazing to actually get some gameplay for once, it’s been in short supply in the big conferences this year.
Ubisoft is a publisher which certainly hasn't disappointed at E3 in recent years. With EA throwing the towel in, all eyes are on Ubisoft to see what this multiplatform giant can deliver in terms of announcements.
UPDATE: It's official, Watch Dogs 3 is coming, and it's called Watch Dogs Legion.
The rumours surrounding a Watch Dogs 3 are building a significant head of steam, with the latest suggesting a reveal could be taking this very week, on May 24th.
Ubisoft has been busy presenting its earnings reports for the quarter, as well as outlining its plans for the coming fiscal year. These plans include no fewer than four AAA titles, three of which are unannounced.
Watch Dogs 3 and Assassin’s Creed Legion have allegedly been unveiled by a 4chan leak, complete with a grainy off-screen shot just to complete the package.
The existence of Watch Dogs 3 has been leaked by none other than Ubisoft’s gaming AI helper service - Sam. The Ubisoft Personal Gaming Assistant is on hand to provide a helpful service to players, such as analysing matches, providing tips, and pointing you in the direction of the best YouTube community videos. You can also ask Sam questions though, and over on UbiCentral, they asked the all-important question: Where’s Watch Dogs 3?
Ubisoft has today revealed Far Cry 5’s Arcade mode, its batshit crazy form of competitive multiplayer/co-op action/map editing that puts the creative tools in the players' hands.
Ubisoft has got a little carried away with the US Independence Day celebrations. Over in the US of A, they were busy fighting off a telepathic alien invasion celebrating their acrimonious split with the British Empire on July 4th, and to celebrate this Ubisoft added bonus fireworks celebrations to Watch Dogs 2. Only they weren’t just a neat little extra. They were planned to run from June 29th through to July 10th, and their booms and bangs are audible across the entire map, constantly, during every night cycle. Those still plugging away at Watch Dogs 2 unsurprisingly found it pretty annoying, forcing Ubisoft to remove the 4th of July fireworks due to a number of noise complaints.
Ubisoft has just dropped the huge content-filled 1.13 patch for Watch Dogs 2, cramming in a bunch of new features which were previously exclusive to the season pass. This includes 2v2 multiplayer spread across three different game types, online races, armored truck raiding events, and a paintball gun.




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