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The existence of Watch Dogs 3 has been leaked by none other than Ubisoft’s gaming AI helper service - Sam. The Ubisoft Personal Gaming Assistant is on hand to provide a helpful service to players, such as analysing matches, providing tips, and pointing you in the direction of the best YouTube community videos. You can also ask Sam questions though, and over on UbiCentral, they asked the all-important question: Where’s Watch Dogs 3?
Ubisoft has today revealed Far Cry 5’s Arcade mode, its batshit crazy form of competitive multiplayer/co-op action/map editing that puts the creative tools in the players' hands.
Ubisoft has got a little carried away with the US Independence Day celebrations. Over in the US of A, they were busy fighting off a telepathic alien invasion celebrating their acrimonious split with the British Empire on July 4th, and to celebrate this Ubisoft added bonus fireworks celebrations to Watch Dogs 2. Only they weren’t just a neat little extra. They were planned to run from June 29th through to July 10th, and their booms and bangs are audible across the entire map, constantly, during every night cycle. Those still plugging away at Watch Dogs 2 unsurprisingly found it pretty annoying, forcing Ubisoft to remove the 4th of July fireworks due to a number of noise complaints.
Ubisoft has just dropped the huge content-filled 1.13 patch for Watch Dogs 2, cramming in a bunch of new features which were previously exclusive to the season pass. This includes 2v2 multiplayer spread across three different game types, online races, armored truck raiding events, and a paintball gun.
There’s nothing that makes laugh more heartily than a developer being forced to renege on their awful DLC plans. With Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft tried to have its cake and eat it, charging $60, having a season pass, and creating DLC-exclusive multiplayer content. Sometimes this just doesn’t work out, and it’s meant Ubisoft has been forced to totally overhaul its Watch Dogs 2 DLC plan in order to prevent the online player base from fragmenting.
Ubisoft has dropped an obscene 14GB update for Watch Dogs 2, adding new areas and generally prepping things for the upcoming DLC. Tucked in amongst all this was something far more interesting however. Ubisoft has tweaked the ending for Watch Dogs 2, adding in a new scene which appears to heavily hint that Watch Dogs 3 will be going across the pond and will be set in rainy old London, England.
Ubisoft has dropped a major performance update for Watch Dogs 2, tackling a number of issues and optimising performance to ensure higher frame rates for PC players.
It seems everybody loves T-Bone. Or, Ubisoft does at least. It wasn’t enough he got his own expansion for the original Watch Dogs; he’s back in January in the first DLC for Watch Dogs 2. It was originally due this year but it got delayed to January 24th. In the meantime we’ve got the first trailer for the Raymond ‘T-Bone’ Kenney DLC, which includes some sort of killer bus with a digger attached to the front, or “T-Bone’s Customised War Machine’ as Ubisoft puts it.
This is it, the big one. After nine grueling rounds which has seen nine great games knocked out, only three remain. It's time for a (festive) battle to the death in the 12 Games of Christmas 2016 Grand Final. Only Watch Dogs 2, Battlefield 1 and Civilization VI remain. All absolute giants in their respective genres, and all undeniably good games. So get voting for your favourite. It's now or never or in the 12 Games of Christmas Grand Final, and there's also a free game up for grabs.
We're through to the semi-finals and only six games made it out alive. Battered and bruised, sure, but they made it out. The first semi-final face off sees the almighty Watch Dogs 2 take on Tyranny. The battle of the open-world sandbox vs the tight RPG experience. Watch Dogs 2 has the big budget on its side but Tyranny wowed us all by letting us tap into our more nefarious side. There can be only one winner in Watch Dogs 2 v Tyranny however, so let battle commence. Remember as well, one lucky winner who tweets support will be able to choose from any one of the 12 Games of Christmas in our free game giveaway.
In celebration of the most festive time of the year, we thought there was no better way to salute some of 2016's Goliaths of gaming than a good old-fashioned bar-brawl. A battle Royale filled with broken noses and bloodied brows galore, red is the colour of Christmas after all. 12 of this year's most memorable titles will be going head to head in a series of knockout rounds over the next 10 days, and in the words of Highlander, there can be only one.