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Zombie Army 4 is coming soon: fight hitler’s hordes alone or with friends through a hellish campaign. Use epic weapons to keep the occult enemies at bay and survive the hordes as you try to save humankind from zombie armageddon! Developed by the same guys who made Sniper Elite 4, this fun coop zombie shooter has been a fan favourite for a while now. Zombie Army 4 is being released exclusively on the Epic Games Store on the 4th of February, here’s the minimum system requirements you’ll need to brave the hordes of the undead.
Rebellion has announced Zombie Army 4: Dead War will be launching worldwide on February 4th 2020. It’s a great release date, to be honest, and should ensure that Zombie Army 4 isn’t drowned out by the AAA giants which arrive in late February to mid March.
We knew Rebellion had a sneaky E3 game announcement up its sleeves, although they were probably hoping Zombie Army 4: Dead War didn’t arrive with all the fanfare of Trump on Pall Mall. It’s the dreaded Amazon store listing once again, this time Amazon Spain has let slip the first details of Zombie Army 4: Dead War.