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This week, Nvidia rolled out a new graphics card driver update that added support for FreeSync monitors to its Nvidia GeForce GPUS. All you need is a FreeSync-capable display and an Nvidia Pascal (GTX 10 Series) GPU or newer.
Having taken a look at our recommended Nvidia GeForce graphics card upgrades last week, it's now the turn of AMD Radeon.
It’s been a long old road but Galactic Civilizations III’s journey is coming to an end soon with the announcement of what looks to be its final expansion - Retribution.
Much like the game itself, there was a new trailer for Left Alive this week that flew somewhat under the radar. The Garmoniyan Invasion depicts a glimpse of the invasion of Novo Slava, and a thoroughly depressing glimpse at that.
It is understood that the upcoming Total War Three Kingdoms will be using the latest version of the Total War Game Engine 3. This has been used by Total War games since Total War Empire, which released in August 2007. Although back then the TW Game Engine 3 was a 32-bit version, it didnt get updated until Total War Warhammer’s release in 2016. This engine also makes use of Creative Assembly's graphics module, Warscape. As usual, we expect this engine to be improved in TW 3 Kingdoms by CA, as it has been for each game it has been used prior to the new TW3K.
NetherRealm Studios has delivered quite a few fatalities to PC gamers over the years, although they’re promising it won’t be the same this time around when Mortal Kombat 11 comes to PC.
UPDATE: Star Control: Origins is back! The space role-playing game was pulled from Steam at the start of this month after a DMCA takedown request from the IP's original co-creators, Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford.
Cult favourite JRPG series The Legend of Heroes is finally set to unleash  Trails of Cold Steel III in the west. NIS America has confirmed it’ll be publishing The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 in North America and Europe, where it’ll be available on PlayStation 4.
A fairly renowned PC hardware leaker has spilled the beans on a new ‘AMD Gonazalo’ chipset that looks as if it’s the custom processor set to be used in the PlayStation 5.
AMD could have a few interesting tricks up its sleeves with its upcoming Radeon VII graphics card according to Adam Kozak, senior marketing manager of AMD’s GPU division.
Intel has confirmed it will be discontinuing its range of Core+ desktop products due to a lack of demand.