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We’re still poking through the reams of financial results this week, desperately scratching around for any news which can possibly be gleaned from a bunch of suits talking about ‘in-game net bookings’ and boasting of ‘MAUs’ while they show off their scratch and sniff business cards made from upcycled Rolexes. There was a tidbit tucked into Ubisoft’s earnings call, however, with confirmation that the French publisher will release five AAA games throughout this upcoming fiscal year.
You’d struggle to call a CPU such as the Intel Core i7-5820K low-end. Launching at the end of 2014, it’s getting on a bit in years but this is a CPU that can handle basically anything you can throw at it. During our benchmark tests for Far Cry New Dawn though, we discovered the PNY XLR8 GeForce RTX 2060 6GB was too much for it to handle.
Far Cry New Dawn has landed with a damper squib than Ubisoft was expecting. The sales charts for the UK see Far Cry ReShade New Dawn narrowly take the top spot, although the post-apocalyptic shooter’s opening weekend was 86.5% down compared to Far Cry 5 and, in a fairer comparison, just a quarter of Far Cry Primal’s launch.
It's a new year and a new Far Cry, but does Far Cry New Dawn's performance differ all that much from its predecessor? We've put Far Cry New Dawn through a series of benchmark tests to see how performance shapes up, including a video card below its minimum specs, as well as a member of Nvidia's new GeForce RTX family.
The latest Far Cry is out now, titled Far Cry New Dawn and we are taking a look at all of the graphics settings available to see the sort of performance implications each option might have on your PC.
The times are out, we now know exactly what time the world will be able to get its hands on Far Cry: New Dawn on PC, the semi-sequel to Far Cry 5 that’s out on February 15th. Head on in to check out the full Far Cry: New Dawn release timings
Ubisoft has made one final push to ensure the shooter you buy this Friday is Far Cry New Dawn, releasing a chaotic, off-the-wall launch trailer for its pseudo-Far Cry 5 / standalone expansion. Expanquel? Sequension? You know what I mean.
Far Cry New Dawn has gone gold, meaning it’s done, dusted and ready for launch on February 15th. Ubisoft has sent along a brooding story trailer to celebrate the announcement, as providing all sorts of details on New Dawn’s new RPG-lite mechanics which should help it stand apart from last year’s Far Cry 5.
It's a New Dawn, it's a new day, and the system requirements for Far Cry: New Dawn have us feeling good. Ubisoft has provided us with an extensive look at the system specs for FC: New Dawn, a standalone pseudo-sequel to Far Cry 5 that transports us into a post-apocalyptic, blissfully colourful and bloodthirsty world.
Apologies for yesterday's streaking pitch invaders who delayed the kick-off. Frostpunk and Two Point were finally caught and escorted from the premises before God of War and Battlefield V could launch into each other. All's well that ends well though, and God of War gave BFV an absolute tonking. It's our first finalist, now it's time to crown our next semi-final winner as RDR2 takes on Far Cry 5.
And so with a tear in the eye, we wave goodbye to Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Alexios/Kasandra, it was nice knowing you but Dutch Van Der Linde has put you out of your misery. Red Dead Redemption 2 has booked a place in the semis, but who will it face? It's time for the next round as MonHun World takes on Far Cry 5.