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Avalanche Studios has revealed the full world map for Just Cause 4. Surprise, surprise, it’s a biggie alright.  
Avalanche Studios has dropped a frankly insane new gameplay trailer for Just Cause 4, this time showcasing its new Extreme Weather effects with a tornado in full flow.
We're back with three more chances to a win PS4 Pro, $300 Steam Credit or a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. All you've got to do is vote for your three most anticipated games in the GD World Cup poll below. Today it's the turn of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Dying Light 2, Spider-Man, Just Cause 4, Skull & Bones, and Pokemon, in what's sure to be a series of close battles on the pitch.
It's competition time, and today's matches feature a face-off between eight upcoming gaming behemoths, including the likes of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Dying Light 2 and Just Cause 4. Just vote for your most anticipated games in the polls below and you could win a massive prize.
Just in case you missed the Walmart leak, and the Steam leak, and the Xbox press conference, Square Enix also dedicated a portion of its E3 2018 showcase to the newly announced Just Cause 4. Rico Rodriguez is back in the driving seat again, now with more grapple shots than ever. Cue insane physics-based destruction on an unprecedented scale.
These E3 leaks keep getting more embarrassing by the day. Just Cause 4 has just popped up on Steam notifications, inviting fans to pre-order the game over on its official Steam page. Oops.
Just Cause and Rage 2 developer Avalanche Studios has been snapped up by Nordisk Film. The Nordic entertainment company is looking to expand its roster of Nordic game developers, and the acquisition of Avalanche Studios for €89 million ($103 million) is its biggest purchase yet.
Uh oh, Walmart Canada’s put its foot in it now. The nationwide store put up dozens of pre-order listings for new games on its online store yesterday, including plenty of games that have to even be announced.
We have just heard the first murmurings of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Who Knows What with Avalanche Studios, they of Just Cause fame, hiring for developers to work on a title for the ‘next-generation’ systems.
Just cause 3’s Multiplayer Mod launched for free this week, and in what appears to be a celebration of this, Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have made the original game free-to-play on Steam this week. PC players can just log into Steam and download the game, playing it in its entirety until July 28th.
Just Cause 3’s officially endorsed multiplayer mod has just launched on Steam, throwing hundreds of players together to induce even more carnage. Thinking about what just one Rico Rodriguez can do to a poor island nation, the prospect of hundreds doing this simultaneously is tantamount to nuclear armageddon.