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When the system requirements for Monster Hunter World were revealed a few weeks back, there was equal parts confusion and worry over the recommended specs. A GeForce GTX 1060 was recommended to play MonHun World at 1080p / 30fps, prompting concerns there may even be a frame rate cap in Monster Hunter World.
Monster Hunter World is getting an impressive new special event this week, adding in the new Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth that can be tackled in teams of up to 16 players. Normal hunts in MonHun World are restricted to squads of just four, making this epic new fight four times larger than any before.
The whole world seems to have gone Monster Hunter World bonkers. Capcom’s reinvention of the traditionally handheld series has, well, it would be safe to say it’s been a profitable experiment for Capcom. Monster Hunter World is now the bestselling game in Capcom’s entire 39-year history, outselling every single Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Dead Rising or Devil May Cry game.
When Capcom announced last week that Monster Hunter World wouldn’t be launching on PC until Autumn 2018, weary sighs could be heard from here all the way to the Wildspire Waste. There’s always a reason so such delays though, and Capcom’s position as a significantly smaller studio means it doesn’t have the resources available to EA’s and Activision’s of this world.
Capcom has announced fresh details alongside a brand new spanking new trailer for Monster Hunter World, which is due to launch this month on PS4 and Xbox One. The big draw of this trailer is the introduction of the Elder Dragons, some of which are returning, and others that are all-new.
In a slice of absolutely terrible news, Capcom has revealed that it’s “aiming for” an Autumn 2018 release for Monster Hunter World on PC.
In news gifted from the gaming gods, Capcom has revealed that it will be continually adding free post-launch updates for Monster Hunter World in an addition designed to keep gamers playing for a long, long time.
Capcom is gearing up for Monster Hunter World’s January 26th launch with a worldwide open beta. Set to take place this coming weekend from Saturday, December 9th, the Monster Hunter World open beta is a PlayStation 4 exclusive for now.
And breathe a sigh of relief - Capcom has confirmed Monster Hunter World won’t have any microtransactions in it. It makes a change after likes of Star Wars Battlefront 2, Forza 7, FIFA 18 and Shadow of War have all foisted them upon us.
Sony’s Tokyo Game Show PlayStation conference wasn’t the most spectacular affair but tucked in at the end was the news we’d all been waiting for - Monster Hunter World will be launching worldwide on January 26th, 2018. We also got treated to a frankly ridiculous new trailer showing off a bunch of new environments and monsters, too many to keep track off. There’s a huge Nergigante in there, while the Pukei-Pukei can use its extended tongue for ranged attacks.