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UPDATE: 28/04/2017 - Drop the flaming pitcforks ladies and gents, AMD has moved swiftly to calm the outrage that popped up when an advert for Quake Champions was installed on users' desktops as part of the latest Radeon 17.4.4 driver. Since yesterday, AMD has updated the 17.4.4 Dawn of War of Drivers and removed the Quake Champions URL shortcut from appearing on the desktop.
Nvidia’s release of its latest GeForce 381.65 WHQL graphics driver is bittersweet for me. On the one hand it provides the optimal gaming experience for the upcoming Quake Champions Closed Beta, while on the other, where’s my invite id?
We’ve had plenty of teasers of Quake Champions, Id Software’s upcoming rebirth of its classic arena shooter, but we’ve had precious little gameplay to feast on. Now id has released what it likes to call raw footage, showing two minutes of uncut action from its hyper-kinetic action. Evidently whoever was playing is mighty proud of their kill streak and just wanted to show off.
There’s been a bit of a question mark hanging over how Bethesda and id Software would deliver Quake Champions to PC gamers. Would it be a full-priced title a la DOOM and Overwatch? Or would id seek the largest possible audience and go the free-to-play route? The answer is, well, both. You can either buy the Quake Champions - Champion Pack and get the complete version of the game with all playable Champions, or you can go the Free-to-Play route and have a limited roster of champions to pick from.
Flex your trigger fingers, the arena shooting king is back. The Quake Champions Closed Beta is kicking off soon and id Software has just opened up beta signups, giving players a sneak peek at the fast-paced fragging on offer. It’s joined by an all-new trailer showing off a decent slice of lighting-quick gameplay with all our best friends returning, including the rocket launcher, bladed gauntlet and the iconic rail gun.
There were plenty of eyebrows raised in console-land when it was revealed Quake Champions would be a PC exclusive. It’s not often a first-person shooter doesn’t come to console at all these days, but there’s a simple answer according to Bethesda - the consoles just can’t handle Quake Champions.
Grab your bibs, because the latest set of Dishonored 2 screenshots straight from QuakeCon look particularly droolworthy. Maybe it’s my eyes deceiving me but it seems as if the sequel has been given a bit of a visual upgrade since we last saw it at E3 this year; the Void Engine graphics engine really coming into its own when rendering Dishonored 2’s large-scale environments.
At last, the gods of gaming news are smiling down upon us once more. The annual QuakeCon event has been going down in Texas, the one stop shop for all things awesome in the world of first-person shooters. The first of these nuggets, and perhaps the most important, is a brand spanking new in-game trailer for PC exclusive FPS Quake Champions. Just in case you had any doubts as to whether this would be a proper Quake game, rest assured, it most certainly is.
If you listened carefully there were some murmurings of discontent when id Software and Bethesda announced Quake Champions at E3 2016. It’s not coming to console in any shape or form you see, arriving as a PC exclusive because on the world's most powerful gaming platforms there are “No excuses and no limitations.”
I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t expecting id Software and Bethesda to announce a new game so soon after DOOM, but Quake Champions was revealed during the live conference overnight. Coming exclusively to PC, Quake Champions will be an online only multiplayer arena shooter, focused on quick reactions and fast-paced gameplay.
I’ve had a good few days to get to grips with the DOOM reboot and I have to admit it’s rather special. It’s a whole lot better than a modern DOOM has any right to be, with just the right fusion of gameplay throwbacks and modern mechanics. It’s made me excited for what id Software could do next, which, on the basis of a new job posting, could well be a Quake reboot. Oh lordy.