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We’re into Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice launch week, which probably means From Software fans are sacrificing goats to the blood gods in the hope they’re about to release a stone-cold-banger of an action game.
UPDATE: Just as we suspected, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has confirmed Epic Games paid Ubisoft to prevent keys for The Division 2 from being sold on third-party sellers.
Halo: Reach on PC could be with us a lot sooner than we expected. Microsoft has confirmed the PC beta test for Halo Reach is already primed to go live, with Microsoft taking beta sign-ups through the Halo Insider program.
Practically the entire Halo series coming to Steam is certainly a cause for celebration, but I think we’ve got to be careful before we jump to any radical conclusions about Microsoft’s plans.
Fantastic, memorable games writing is a rare thing. It’s not something that can just be conjured on a whim with the absolute knowledge that it’ll embed itself into popular culture. But plenty of games do still manage to weave in iconic, unforgettable lines that are forever inked in our minds.
EA has carried out a survey and analytics on how important inclusion and diversity are to players. Headed up by Jenny Shi, EA Global Analytics and Insights, this survey of 2,252 EA gamers was carried out in order to better understand the general player base’s feelings towards representation, diversity, and inclusion.
Hello Games and 505 Games gave announced No Man’s Sky: Beyond, a new content update for No Man’s Sky that promises to be the most ambitious update so far, weaving together three expansions in one big free update.
Dead Cells developer Motion Twin have long proven themselves a fan favourite but they’ve gone above and beyond with the announcement of Rise of the Giant, a free new DLC expansion for Dead Cells that includes new levels, bosses, weapons, mechanics, and skins.
In a world where money talks, sequels reign supreme. Like it or, people love nothing more than queuing up in their millions to play a slightly different rendition of what they’ve played before.
Renowned gaming headset manufacturer Turtle Beach has made a big play in the gaming hardware industry, announcing it will be acquiring Roccat in a deal worth around $18 million.
Anthem cratered both critically and commercially, but this wasn’t an extinction event according to Bioware. The sci-fi co-op loot shooter (use of the word shlooter is strictly prohibited) is “here to stay” according to Bioware community manager Jesse Anderson.