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In what’ll as immensely good news to anybody who had the unfortunate task of playing Need For Speed Payback - EA has confirmed Need For Speed Heat will not have any form of loot boxes whatsoever.
Id Software and Bethesda have dropped a new trailer for Doom Eternal, this time delving deep into its new Battlemode with a multiplayer overview.
SK Hynix is getting back into the SSD industry after a notable absence. The South Korean memory semiconductor supplier has announced its surprise return with a slate of new consumer SSDs.
It’s been a rough quarter for Nvidia. The graphics card powerhouse has just revealed its financial results from the past quarter and Team Green has suffered a huge year-on-year drop in revenue. 
THQ Nordic has announced its Gamescom 2019 live stream schedule and the frankly ridiculous publisher has a further three games to announced. The last we heard, THQ Nordic had an absurd 78 games in active development, with around half of them yet to be revealed. 
Ben Irving, lead producer on Anthem, has taken the first lifeboat out of that sinking ship, announcing he’s leaving BioWare after eight years with the once-venerated RPG developer.
In a nice little surprise, King’s Bounty is back. The return of a PC gaming classic, King's Bounty II ushers in turn-based fantasy tactics blended with an immersive role-playing experience. 
Just revealed via an Edge magazine exclusive, Disintegration is a mysterious new sci-fi first-person shooter from Marcus Lehto, one of the original creators of Halo: Combat Evolved. It’s the debut project from V1 Interactive, a new studio based in Seattle. Take-Two Interactive’s Private Division label will be handling publishing duties, its third new project after Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey and The Outer Worlds.
Drip. Drip. Drip. What’s that sound? It’s just the painfully slow updates rolling out to Epic’s Game Store. Epic has reached out with their monthly update, detailing just what’s changing through August on their most controversial of digital storefronts.
In a nice nod to those of us who are occasionally unfaithful to our beloved PCs, Valve has pushed a new change for Steam which allows users to mark games they’ve already played on other platforms.
It didn’t take long but Apex Legends has got itself a microtransaction problem. The F2P battle royale shooter has always been a fairly generous package in terms of how it doles out content and rewards, on top of being, well, free. It stands to reason Respawn and Electronic Arts need ways to monetise the game, although the new ‘Iron Crown’ event seems a ludicrous way to get about it.




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