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The holidays can be a horrifyingly expensive time of year. Everywhere you turn there’s someone or something telling you to “Buy This”, or “Get That”. It can be a wallet sapping experience, but there is help at hand for those who love a bit of gaming.
The Frostivus Festival in the world of DOTA 2 has been cancelled for the third time in a row, but instead of a grinch-like new enemy appearing to combat festive cheer, this time Valve has a different and quite exciting excuse.
The Source 2 engine is the stuff of legend. Whispered among Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, and Dota 2 players alike. We expected a booming announcement from Valve when it announced its latest and greatest, but instead the Dota 2 community has logged into the game today to find their much-beloved MOBA has apparently crept over to the oft-rumoured Source 2 engine.
The world’s fourth ever Dota 2 International tournament grand finals finished yesterday, with winning team NewBee coming away with a cool $5 million in prize money.
Valve has removed all restrictions on playing Dota 2, it was revealed last night.
Valve has announced a new update for its hideously popular free-to-play game, Dota 2.
It took around 2 years of development, but we're finally getting rid of all those Beta invites! Dota 2 has released today; or at least, starting to release.
The largest tournament of the year for DOTA 2 players is starting up, with the Western Regional Qualifiers beginning today.
DOTA 2 is really pushing for its rightful status as an eSport, and The International is its Superbowl.
Another year, another chance for the top global DOTA 2 teams to win the top prize of $1,000,000; The International 3 has been announced for this summer.
Gabe Newell, managing director of Valve Software, is a well known figure in gaming. He recently recieved a Fellowship in the BAFTA Games Awards in recognition of his "outstanding achievement in the art forms of the moving image".