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Just Cause 3’s officially endorsed multiplayer mod has just launched on Steam, throwing hundreds of players together to induce even more carnage. Thinking about what just one Rico Rodriguez can do to a poor island nation, the prospect of hundreds doing this simultaneously is tantamount to nuclear armageddon.
It’s been all too easy to forget that Just Cause 3 was even a thing, such was the speed at which it came and went. The team at Avalanche has been working on content updates since its December launch though, with the final Bavarium Sea Heist DLC launching today.
Confirming the rumours we’ve been hearing for some time now, a new trailer from Microsoft has revealed DirectX 12 support is coming to Just Cause 3. Reports have been flying around of DX12 support ever since Avalanche’s open-world romp launched back in December, prompted once more by Square Enix making an appearance at GDC later this month to talk about the new graphics API.
Wow. Just when I thought Avalanche couldn’t have made Just Cause 3 any more ridiculous, they go and announce the plans for the season pass. A word like outrageous seems to fail to do it any justice. In Sky Fortress, the first of three planned expansions, good old Rico Rodriguez has got his hands on a rocket-powered wingsuit armed with shoulder-mounted machine guns and homing missiles.
Just Cause 3 became the latest in a long line of buggy launches when it arrived earlier this month, but Avalanche is at last moving to address some of these problems with the release of the 1.02 update.
In celebration of all things festive, we thought there was no better way to salute some of 2015's biggest games than a good old-fashioned punch-up. A battle to the death if you will. 12 of this year's most memorable titles will be going head to head in a series of knockout rounds over the next 9 days, and there can be just one winner. 
The holidays are coming and everyone will probably have quite a nice selection of great games to choose from, should they want a game or two to play. There's been too many for anyone person to have time to play, let alone buy at this expensive time of year. One of the stand-outs this month was Rico Rodriguez's explosive jaunt in the Mediterranean. Nothing feels quite like setting off a domino of explosions that detonates an entire island nation into a raging inferno.
At the moment Just Cause 3 has enough problems to make Jay-Z feel as if he hasn’t got a care in the world. We know already that the console versions really aren’t performing too great, with hefty frame rate drops and massive loading times. PC gamers haven’t got off scot-free though. We’re talking widespread performance issues, AMD glitch craziness, and the total absence of SLI support.
Just Cause 3 came out yesterday, and unless you've had your head in the clouds, you've probably noticed it can be quite demanding on all platforms. 1000 kiloton explosions will do that, you see. Over on Xbox One we're hearing reports of loading times up to an excruciating 15 minutes, and things don't seem to be faring much better on PlayStation 4. I didn't think Just Cause 3 would be the game to make me read a book.
Nvidia’s usually ahead of the curve when it comes to driver releases, but it ended up pushing out its latest GeForce 359.06 WHQL driver update late yesterday evening, on the day of Just Cause 3 and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’s launches. That does unfortunately mean we’ve benchmarked this pair pre-driver update, but for Nvidia owners it does at least ensure Game Ready optimisations.
Just Cause 3 is pretty great, when it works. But like any huge game launch, it’s not without its fair share of teething problems. One of the biggest issues facing AMD owners is incompatibility with the Radeon Software Crimson driver, released last week.