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Last year, Valve launched the Steam Game Festival in December alongside The Game Awards, allowing players to play and try out new games before they are released. It featured 14 titles that were mostly indie games and was the first instance of Steam doing their own digital festival. With the recent Coronavirus news, the cancellation of several gaming conventions like GDC and E3 2020, and the announcement of numerous digital conferences from Xbox and Ubisoft, the Steam Game Festival is returning this year for Spring.
High-flying, rotor-spinning, heli-coptering (I don’t know any fancy helicopter slang) game Comanche has just launched in Early Access on Steam. Play single-player, 4v4 multiplayer or improve your skills in combat training exercises with 5 helicopters and 4 drones available at launch.
The zany looter-shooter, Borderlands 3, is now finally available on Steam. After a 6 month exclusivity deal with Epic Games, the third entry in the cult franchise has made it’s way over to Valve’s most popular online retail store. The new Steam version now comes with cross-platform capability that allows players who own the game on either stores to play with each other, as well as with console players.
Rocket League, has finally been released on Steam. The game was announced for Early Access a while back but has now graciously flown it’s way over to Steam and we can finally spend the rest of our days playing Quidditch- er, I mean in the League of Broomsticks.
I’m sure you can’t get enough of all the Half-Life: Alyx news coming out at the moment, considering that the game is just over 2 weeks away from releasing now. However you feel about the the new game, whether you like teleporting or loathe it, Half-Life: Alyx is and forever will be a VR game. And with that Valve has released some exclusive Half-Life: Alyx preview locations for your SteamVR Home (Oh, and read on for more information about when the Valve Index's are back in stock).
There’s no crystal skulls here. Take on the role of an Indiana Jones cross Jet Li explorer, searching for untold riches, eternal life and divine powers in an endless labyrinthian temple. Dodge bottomless pits, deadly traps and battle vicious foes and relentless gods as you try to defeat the temple itself in Curse of the Dead Gods.
It seems that no one is safe from the coronavirus, as the pandemic seems to have taken its next victim. However, whilst many were seeing stock market plummets following the outbreak of news from the virus, there was one thing that seemingly benefited from the widespread panic, and no, it wasn't the media…
Pack your guns and your shiniest meat bicycles, Borderlands 2 first launched on the Epic Games Store last year where it had an exclusivity deal for 6 months, now the time has finally come, and you can officially wishlist the game on Steam now before it’s released on March 13th.
Steam Labs, that weird experimental area that Valve introduced a while ago in order to beta test new features of the Steam Store, has just released its latest update, this time enhancing the search functionalities. So now you can enhance your experience of spending money on games that you don't need, but want to own anyway.
Hasbro recently held an investor’s event at the New York Toy Fair, and boy do they have some plans in the works. We could sit here and endlessly discuss what their plans are for the next five years, which includes releasing a digital game every year, but that’s not the most exciting information to came out of the event…
Nothing stops the train that is Rainbow Six: Siege. Here we are, well over four years since it launched, and Siege has now broken its all-time concurrent player record yet again.