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If ever you wanted proof that launch schedules for AAA titles are getting out of hand, look no further than Battlefield V. DICE’s online-focused shooter has such a complex launch schedule that a chart has had to be published showing when and where you can actually get your hands on Battlefield V.
DICe has revealed out first look at Battlefield V’s post-launch content roadmap, detailing the maps, modes and other additions that’ll be coming our way during the first season. Battlefield 5 will be the first mainline Battlefield title since Battlefield 2 to launch without a Premium Pass and map packs. Instead, all post-launch content except for cosmetics will be free.
With Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 coming under fire for its low 20Hz tick rate, DICE has got out in front of the controversy and revealed its own plans for server support in Battlefield V.
DICE has unleashed the Battlefield V official single-player trailer, running through each of the four War Stories that are going to form Battlefield V’s campaign. The “untold stories of World War 2” is the theme for this particular outing, putting players into the shoes of a German Tiger I tank driver; withstanding Germany occupation as a resistance fighter in Norway; becoming an unlikely English hero, or fighting for a nation you’ve never even known in Tirailleur.
Tucked away inside latest (and excellent) Battlefield V developer talks episode was one very, very interesting clip showing a fighter plane taking off from a runway.
With the Battlefield V open beta now done and dusted, I should imagine plenty of you found an opportunity to head in and see what the fuss is all about. The months since the May 23rd reveal have been, er, turbulent to say the least. We had that controversial reveal trailer to kick it all off, of course, swiftly followed by the confirmation of no Premium Pass, and the announcement of a Battle Royale mode, before finally devolving into that cringe-inducing mess that was (and I guess still is) #NotMyBattlefield.
The introduction of battle royale to Battlefield V is a big deal, and it increasingly sounds as if battle royale was never part of the plan until PUBG and Fortnite blew the game mode up.
After our initial Battlefield 5 PC benchmarks yesterday, a number of GD community members also wanted to know about CPU performance in Battlefield V. So, this morning I did just that, benchmarking BF5 with the exact same system. This time though, CPU cores and threads were disabled in order to find out just how CPU-hungry Battlefield V really is.
The Battlefield V beta test has opened its doors to everyone today, allowing fans on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to get to grips with some 64-player action across two maps. Previously due to launch on October 19th, Battlefield 5 was recently pushed back to November 20th. Do we have reason to be worried? The BFV open beta should give us all the answers we need.
Early benchmarks of Battlefield V running on a GeForce GTX 2080 Ti pointed towards an incredibly demanding experience. Anyone remotely familiar with ray-tracing would’ve been aware it’s a setting that will tank performance. During Gamescom 2018 we saw ray-tracing brought the $1199 down to sub-60 frames per second in Battlefield V while playing at 1080p.
DICE has revealed a few tantalising new details on Battlefield V during an extensive new gameplay trailer, running through the Battle Royale mode, taking a look at single-player War Stories, post-launch support, and ongoing live events.