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I've been asked if there is a Game Debate DOTA 2 team, and found that there wasn't one at all!
The ESL have announced a new tournament for this year which has the largest Prize pool for DOTA 2 yet (Outside the international of course).
Most Dota 2 players have a favourite hero, one they know inside-out. This is the hero that has lead them to many victories.
In a press conference Valve, creators of Half-Life and Portal, announced that it's upcoming title, DOTA 2 will be a free-to-play title. Quite a surprise!
DOTA 2 or Defence of the Ancients 2 to use its full title is being backed by Valve to make it more accessible to new players. DOTA was a very popular mod years ago with a very serious fan base which made it very hard for new comers to enter into the complex game and have any chance.