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Regular bomb droppers Bethesda are back with another live showcase at E3 this year. Bethesda is never short of one or two surprises and it's sure to be a show absolutely worth tuning into this year.
Bethesda couldn’t wait their turn, revealing an all-new trailer for Fallout 76, just hours before its own conference is set to take place. Bethesda VP of marketing, Todd Howard, busted onto the Xbox stage to reveal the trailer, as well as a few interesting new tidbits of information.
Bethesda Game Studios set pulses racing this week with the official announcement of Fallout 76. For a new game from Bethesda themselves though, the reaction has been mixed. That’s probably more out of confusion than anything else though, as Bethesda has revealed a game without actually really telling us anything at all.
Bethesda Game Studios has officially revealed Fallout: 76 after one of those painful live Twitch streams where nothing happens for 24 hours, seemingly designed so everyone can come to terms with their own mortality. It's the latest game in the Fallout open-world RPG series. Damn, they’ve skipped a lot of Fallouts making this one.