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If you had any doubts about just what Just Cause 3 is, the launch trailer should set you straight. I’ll give you a little hint. Explosions. AND EXPLOSIONS. With a sprinkling of explosions on top. Avalanche Studios has been running a competition for the Just Cause 3 trailer you see, asking the fans to make trailers so they can put their feet up and smirk at your Adobe Premiere skills.
Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Just Cause 3 are reportedly suffering some horrendous performance issues. Those who have managed to snag copies of the game early are reporting load times of almost 15 minutes on Xbox One, which is absolutely staggering, and frame rate drops as low as 17 FPS on both platforms.
Just Cause 3 is out this week, in all its glorious, pyrotechnic glory. Total destruction is the aim of the game here, with Avalanch’s modified game engine boasting improved damage modelling and procedural demolition. As you’d expect Just Cause 3 is visually stunning, but just how demanding is it, and how good does it look even down at Low settings? We’ll be taking a look at all of that in our Just Cause 3 GTX 980 Ti performance video.
It’s not even day one just yet, but Just Cause 3 has already received its Day One Update. If you’ve managed to get a copy early through whatever means then it’s available to download now, weighing in at a fairly hefty 3GB. I say early because it seems as if quite a few people have obtained copies already, thanks to a number of stores breaking street dates.
And still the games flow. Hot on the tail of our Global Game Awards 2015, we now have a title that has many people overloaded with excitement. Just Cause 3 is out next week and so this weekends free game giveaway is for a chance to win a copy of Just Cause 3 on release day.
Making well-informed purchasing decisions can be a tricky business. Some games are totally unlike what you expected. Some are too difficult. Others are just downright bad. But Just Cause 3. Well, Just Cause 3 is, in all likelihood, 100%, definitely, exactly like you think it’ll be in your head. Explosions. Corny one liners. Gratuitous action. Gorgeous visuals.
There’s something incredibly intoxicating about video game destruction. I remember spending hours blowing up my own tunnel network in Red Faction. My time with GoldenEye was spent shooting bullet holes in anything I could, while extinguishing every single light source. At times I feel like destruction has taken a bit of a back-seat to gorgeous environments these days, but at least Just Cause 3 is back to remind me just what’s so fantastic about obliterating everything in sight.
So the system requirements for Just Cause 3 came out yesterday, taken from the back of the PC retail boxes. As it turns out these aren't the final system requirements. Just Cause 3 went gold and got sent to manufacturing way back in mid-October, and since then the official system requirements have taken a bit of a leap. 
We’re coming up to the end of the Global Game Awards 2015, so this is your last chance to get your votes and get counted. Stacks of titles and all sorts of hardware are up for nomination, so if you want your favourite games and gear to scoop up a coveted award then get voting.
Finishing the holiday gaming rush with a bang, Just Cause 3 launches on December 1st in all its over-the-top glory. Rico Rodriguez is back, and this time he's retaking his homeland from evil dictator General di Ravello. The Mediterranean island of Medici stretches out across over 1000 square kilometres of traversable land, in one of the largest open worlds ever. Getting across is a breeze now with the all new wingsuit, allowing Rico to clip the daisies as he swoops down low, before stylishly blowing a bridge to smithereens with a well-aimed rocket barrage.
If you're one of the lucky, lucky few who’s using a 4K monitor, then the new Just Cause 3 trailer should be a jaw-dropper for you. It’s breathtaking enough in bog-standard 1080p let me to tell you, so I can only imagine how good this looks when churning out four times as many pixels. Looking at this video I don’t even think my net connection is good enough for 4K, let alone playing Just Cause 3.