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Little tidbits of info continue creep out of Avalanche HQ, who recently announced Just Cause 3 has gone gold ahead of its December 1st release, while we also got our first peek at its entire world map. The latest info to arrive provides us with the lowdown on Just Cause 3’s PC graphics options, so we can see exactly what we can tweak to achieve perfect performance in Rico’s explosive escapade.
Just Cause 3 is a massive game. Like, real big. The fictional island of Medici is more than 400 square miles of sprawling terrain, ready to be wingsuited over, driven through and blown up. It’s one of the largest open worlds ever made, putting The Witcher 3’s already impressive 52 square miles to shame. Putting my maths hat on for a moment, that equates to roughly 1036 square kilometres.
As if you needed any excuses to cause untold levels of destruction, Avalanche Studios has only gone and thrown something called a plot into Just Cause 3. No, I have no idea what one is either, but apparently it’s to advance story through a sequence or interrelated events. Or something like that. Whatever it is, it doesn’t directly involve rocket launchers, but I’m sure it provides plenty of reasons for things to go bang.
Just Cause 3 is big and dumb in just about the best way possible. Rico Rodriguez is never more than milliseconds aware from the warm glow of an explosion, popping off dynamite, blitzing planes with a rocket launcher and generally ensuring Medici becomes another Mediterranean island with serious financial problems.
We have a video here where the devs get talking about the size of the open world island that Rico returns home to. The Mediterranean island where Rico comes from is known as Medici and it is over run by a dictator called General Di Ravello, who is looking to take things onwards to world domination.
While we were at EGX last week we had the opportunity to hop into a gameplay session with Just Cause 3 ahead of the show booth’s official opening. Obviously we were glad to be guinea pigs for Avalanche Studio’s latest, getting let loose into Just Cause 3’s massive open world for 20 minutes or so.
Just Cause 3 will probably be the least surprising thing you play all year. You know exactly what you’re getting already, and it’s highly unlikely Avalanche is going to do anything significant to mess up its exquisite formula. That’s not to say Just Cause 3 will be dull, anything but in fact, however you do know to expect booms, bangs, whazaams and kersploshes aplenty as you mindless annihilate / liberate the Mediterranean island of Medici.
Launching to not the greatest deal of fanfare five years ago, Just Cause 2 has become an enduring symbol of free-form sandbox gameplay and the mind-blowing capabilities of modding communities. It’s meant that even now thousands of players are still logging in and causing carnage daily, and it’s not gone unnoticed by publisher Square Enix.
They seem to have snuck it out on Steam without telling anyone, which is very un-Rico-like, but Just Cause 3 will be getting a season pass. It goes by the name of the Air , Land & Sea Expansion Pass, featuring three batches of downloadable content themed around the three methods of travel.
Its sequel might be bearing down on us in a matter of months, but the team responsible for the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod is still beavering away on its chaotic creation. Just Cause 2 Multiplayer is just about to get a massive new update, bringing it up to a modest 0.2 version.
Avalanche’s love of earth-shattering detonations and pyrotechnic eruptions is well documented. The studio’s previous Just Cause games have made blowing things up a work of art, but in Just Cause 3 the level of destruction is being taken to the next level.