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thexawn avatar

You guys think the cheap Dell R7 250s on Ebay are legit?

13:31 24-Sep
CamoFox avatar

Ayy.. next big upgrade will hit my rig soon [3 new parts are on my way!]
Comment, what it should be =)
Hint: See the bottleneck..

Waitin ya guesses :D

02:03 24-Sep
lion94 avatar

guys can some one add 7680x4320 8k resolution in GD?


17:12 23-Sep
Myrmiron avatar

DMC V will apparently offer character upgrades for microtransactions. This is the first time a game I truly cared for gets poisoned the publisher's greed, feels like a gut punch.
I'll wait for reviews and if they made the grind for upgrades any harder compared to 4 I guess I'm not buying it even though I love the series.
Fck my life…

09:48 23-Sep
Roley avatar

A fairly accurate tweet xD

"Fallout 76 is going to be the most entertaining game launch of the year to watch from the sidelines

I cannot wait for people who play Bethesda RPGs to collide with the lunatics who play games like Rust and Day-Z all day"

09:16 23-Sep
Gankutsuou avatar

AMD's new GPU might be on 7nm

09:02 23-Sep
thecookiemonster avatar

Yo get back to Windows 7 :P https://www.extremetech.com/computing/277505-windows-may-be-storing-all-your-email-and-docs-as-unencrypted-plaintext

08:21 23-Sep
yiannis2000 avatar

I'm really sad with what happened with Telltale. I was really looking forward to the wolf among us season 2; the first game is probably the best point and click adventure game I played. it's a great shame this will remain just a memory.

19:11 22-Sep
gandalf3000 avatar

Telltale Games has shutdown, just after i bought The Walking Dead Season 4. it will probably not be finished, and that saddens me a lot… :/

12:33 22-Sep
Gankutsuou avatar

So it turns out that apple wasn't to blame for this guy losing some movies.

08:17 22-Sep
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Ecks30 avatar
So who else here is excited for the PS1 Classic system.
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Hey man after looking at the build that thexawn did i think the case he picked might be a bad choice since the only air vent is from behind and it only has a single 92mm fan in the case and especially if he plans on gaming on it and maybe overclocking in the future and not to mention that it doesn't support an SSD in it.
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Ecks30 avatar
So i just finished installing not long ago this CPU heatsink newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835856026 which it is doing pretty good right now cause with the Wraith Stealth i was getting idle temps of 44c and yes that was the temps i was getting when i first built this system and not i am getting idle temps of 32c instead also full load before while using CineBench with the wraith i was getting 65c and now i get 53c so i am loving my new temps and hope it stays like this for a long time.
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Ecks30 avatar
Hey @wolfe1924 just need your opinion on this but you think this SSD would be more than enough for my needs newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820250091 and also just curious if you know of a good program for cloning drives cause some sites i visited usually feels sketchy if you know what i mean.
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Ecks30 avatar
So i just saw a tweet from AMD about a new Athlon which i thought it would of been cool and nice to build as a secondary gaming PC cause they said it has Vega in it till i looked at it is a 2 core 4 thread 3.2GHz with Vega 3 iGPU so really that is better for a HTPC than a secondary gaming PC.
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Ecks30 avatar
So after having this processor for a month now i am wondering if i should replace it for the Ryzen 5 2600 instead since for one i always have a dedicated GPU and two for future games that would start demanding more cores because right now i developed a love hate relation with my CPU cause i love that i can play all my games at a higher and better settings but i hate that i should of waited those 3 extra days to get something better.
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Ecks30 avatar
So guys i have been wondering should i get this PSU newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153232
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Yo isn't it kind of messed up a cheaper laptop with a i5 8300H is pretty much on par with your laptop that has a 7700HQ.
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Ecks30 avatar
So after using Ryzen now for almost a month and enjoying it i am actually thinking of getting a laptop with a Ryzen 5 2500U for light gaming.

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