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xquatrox avatar

So you can enable SLI in MH-World (found the profile on steam forums) and you do get pretty much double the framerate (well, I did anyway) at the expense of some flickering of mainly the sky during certain times of day…

21:28 15-Aug
david988 avatar


23:17 14-Aug
Ecks30 avatar

Ok so i tested out my Ryzen 5 2400G without my 1050 Ti in it just to see how well it would run and after configuring it to run at 2gb Vram i was able to play games like GTA V at an average of 35fps on very high so if i was to have faster memory it might perform better and if i lower the settings to mostly medium with some high settings i could get 60 fps without any problems which to be honest i find this CPU/APU to be good enough for anyone that wants to get into PC gaming but doesn't have a lot of money.

11:43 14-Aug
saarri6 avatar

Holy hell is Heartstone pay2win, just tried it for the first time.

08:32 14-Aug
thecookiemonster avatar

Another reminder that Insurgency is free for 48 hours on Steam. It really is a fantastic little game

07:16 14-Aug
Roley avatar

New Nvidia Video, notice the user names
RoyTeX = RTX
Not_11 = Not 11 series
Mac 20 = 20
Eight Tee = 80

05:37 14-Aug
Roley avatar

Nvidia's new YouTube trailer HEAVILY hints at the announcement of the RTX 2080 on the 20th of August next week :D

04:42 14-Aug
ENTLVL820m avatar

Hey guys. do u know any way to disable windows 10 update permanently. its annoying with its driver updates for wireless and lan drivers which r already working fine and the driver updates windows does r causing the issues. I am not gonna bother with the stuff u could do in device manager for the drivers. I just need to know how to break windows 10 updates as well as the method to fix it back. I am running windows 1803 build for ref's sake.

21:43 13-Aug

GPU Overclocking
Which is Better
Core? or Memory?

18:43 13-Aug
danzas54321 avatar

So i won an i& 8086K in the 40th Anniversary sweepstakes!!!! Arrives soon, going to sell my board ram and cpu to buy a new board and ddr4, plus ill have some change left over ;)

18:36 13-Aug
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Roley avatar
New Nvidia Video, notice the user names RoyTeX = RTX Not_11 = Not 11 series Mac 20 = 20 Eight Tee = 80
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lion94 avatar
intel going to launch core i9 9900k on 1 October 2018. wccftech.com/intel-9th-gen-coffee-lake-s-cpu-z390-platform-launch-1st-october/amp.. peace
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lion94 avatar
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seven ate nein
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Dan987000 avatar
You guys know Casey Neistat and his company beme? The beme.com website was bought out, check it out XD
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Miha99 avatar
Welcome to 2018 gaming, where you get automatically banned for saying the country's name - Montenegro in chat because it has negro in it.
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That's bullshit.
Roley avatar
So Fallout 76 won't be sold on Steam. You'll only be able to purchase it on Bethesda.net, considering they offer no refunds if the game is broken on release and don't allow user reviews (often used to highlight scummy practices), this is unfortunate.
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Privacy no longer exists. Thankfully this is taking forever.
average car will generate around 1TB telemetry data every month, what a bright hi-tech future awaits us -_-
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Dan987000 avatar
I love seeing all the fanboys in full panic mode defending Apple with the whole i9 debacle. I've been reading theough YT comment sections, throwing some facts here and there and getting silence as a response XD . I swear most of these guys are stuck in the mid to late 2000's.
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Intel removing HT on Core i7 CPUs would be a mistake. Put HT on ALL CPUs.
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AssassinKID avatar
I love it when AMD talk big, their ads always crack me up
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That's very cheap. Wow.
anabigs avatar
160$ for Ryzen 5 2600?, now thats cheap. pcworld.com/article/3290954..
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Hey It's the 21st of July again and it's my birthday. I turned 20.
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