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NEON10338 avatar

I tried to OC my R5 1600 and it doesn’t go beyond 3.9 GHz even on increasing the voltage to 3.7v. Would a BIOS update make any difference (I am using Ryzen Master)? Or does this mean that I didn’t win the silicon lottery?

17:23 19-Oct
Andrej997 avatar

i must admit i really like Generation Zero

07:28 19-Oct
Andrej997 avatar

Just downloaded Generation Zero , will test it in 7-8 hrs :D

23:32 18-Oct
DJ97OZ avatar

Anyone else hyped for the new soul calibur I believe that this is the first in the franchise to get an official pc port

22:52 18-Oct
RogueRequest avatar

Anyone else get a beta key for Generation Zero?

19:33 18-Oct
RealMTL avatar

Anybody try out the Resonance of Fate PC port? I'm wondering if I should buy it.

18:25 18-Oct
RogueRequest avatar

The launch trailer for RDR 2 is up!!! It's always a god damned train!

15:47 18-Oct
NEON10338 avatar

I was testing my new PC and I found that it is booting up a bit slower compared to the i3 6100. Has it something to do with the OS? I haven’t reinstalled windows yet.

13:48 18-Oct
Gankutsuou avatar

Anyone got a recommendation for a android emulator for PC, besides Bluestacks.

10:54 18-Oct
ItsTheGamerEdit123 avatar

So NVIDIA IS slowing down older GPUs


09:54 18-Oct
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So NVIDIA IS slowing down older GPUs youtu.be/mFSLro_OXLQ
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iSilverX avatar
NVIDIA gimping older cards? Looks like the myth is just... a myth.
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Not worth the upgrade if you have Skylake. Meanwhile it'll be a difference for me. But the price is insane.
lion94 avatar
core i9 9900k 11.5% faster than core i7 8700k. wccftech.com/intel-core-i9-9900k-gaming-benchmark/amp.. peace.
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Shaheryar avatar
Hey everyone! I am thinking we should have a weekly or bi-weekly feedback session where the community and admins get together to give their opinion regarding how our site as a whole is performing. Your opinion can be about anything from articles to Hardware pages, game pages or any new feature you would want to see. We are starting right now, leave your thoughts in the comments section here and the admins will get back to you folks! Do share this post so that everyone gets to participate!
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wolfe1924 avatar
Just want to take a moment to appreciate everyone on this website, i been here since 2014 heck thats a long time but even less then others. Regardless of rank on gd, admin, not admin etc the community has grown and flourished and many new stuff keeps happening and game debate is growing and getting better. Regardless of who you are look at yourself and those around you and pat yourself on the back for making this wonderful website what it is. I noticed especially lately a constructive helpful community keep it up. Good deeds don't go unnoticed.
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If anyone input credit card info into Newegg - your info may have been stolen techspot.com/news/76516-newegg-hit-same-hacker-group-targeted-british-airways.html
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MSI is doing a giveaway of an AMD PC. gleam.io/wtOVn/gamersgolive-streaming-pc-giveaway Its meant for gamers wanting to start streaming.
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MSI is doing a giveaway of an AMD PC. gleam.io/wtOVn/gamersgolive-streaming-pc-giveaway Its meant for gamers wanting to start streaming.
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