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Core i7-8700K 6-Core 3.7GHz
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WizardHoovy avatar

Here's a really nice budget PC (that I am actually currently using): https://pcpartpicker.com/user/WizardHoovy/saved/pJykdC

Dedicated GPU optional.

03:05 20-Aug
NEON10338 avatar

I was thinking that I should make an AMD based PC instead of upgrading my i3 6100. What do you think? The r5 1600x + MOBO costs same as the i7 6700 or a little more than i5 7600.

22:54 19-Aug
Tanja avatar

After a long long time I finally got my pc up and running again. It was so nice to play Sniper again even that I haven't played in ages I still got headshots :P
I missed my beast

19:43 19-Aug
DarthVaderZTB avatar

Can someone help me build a small pc with the i7 8700k and the GTX 1080ti/GTX 2070 for around $1000 maybe a little over

18:32 19-Aug
TheRoaringTiger avatar

can someone list me a good 200 usd $ pc build ? i just want to upgrade for black squad (fps drops) and my cpu is overheating (reaches 96 degrees celsius NO KIDDING !)

16:12 19-Aug
Roley avatar

Quite literally wishing the weekend away because next week we have Gamescom and of course, the brand new Nvidia GPU's finally been announced. HYPED! :D

18:15 18-Aug
wolfe1924 avatar

so this has been bothering me for a while im upgrading a super old computer with a newer processor so the processors i have here i can stick in it are the core 2 duo 6700 @ 2.66ghz 4mb cache vs the pentium dual core e 5400 at 2.7ghz with 2mb cache i been searching the web and havent found anything solid sometimes i see the core 2 duo is better sometimes its the pentium any thoughts or insights?

please no game debate links if i wanted to use that i could of used it myself
and this processor is not going into a over clocking board so overclocking is not an option for ether

15:00 18-Aug
ErgoProxi avatar

screw it. upgrading to i5 6600.

13:33 18-Aug
Anasabbasi avatar

I am thinking about upgrading my GPU. Should I go with RX 480 4GB or 1060 3GB?

11:47 18-Aug
xquatrox avatar

I don't know if there are any SLI users at all here who play MH World, but this here thread is worth a read if you want to download a SLI profile and pretty much double your framerate. I'm very satisfied with the results.

01:05 18-Aug
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Glad I refunded Post Scriptum after devs changed BETA date then changed to release date within 2 weeks I knew they were scam artist
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finally my system is now complete: I7 8700k OC to 5ghz, 16gb to now 32gb DDR4 3000mhz, New PSU from crap raidmax to Evga Supernova 850w G3. Time to do some rendering testing soon
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TheUnturnedRock avatar
I think I hit Silicon Lottery on my I7 8700k. Got myself the Noctua NH D15 and overclocked my I7 8700k to 5ghz at 1.28v stable. Still testing more now but after 3 hours of small fft prime 95 test and stability test no issues. I did not delid the cpu loving the performance especially in Arma 3. Also I upgraded my psu from a ty raidmax to evga supernova 850 g3 full modular well organized now :D
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Hi TheUnturnedRock I was looking for someone to play Battlefield 1 with me. Would you be interested in a gaming session if you have the game? Your fellow GD'er, kamale199
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Anyone know any decent photo scanners, I have many family photos of the past don't want to lose want to keep as digital jpeg. wondering if anyone knows something to keep image quality up to 90% if possible
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TheUnturnedRock avatar
Adding another 4tb 7200rpm Hard Drive for gaming only. No Rest of my other HDDs 5 will be separated for other things including back up on each for my photos so in total 2 SSDs and 4 HDD. total of 8,360gb of memory on my computer, I am surprised that all of my 4 HDD had different steam games so I decide to just get 1 HDD for just STEAM, Origin all Games related to save my other HDD from the pain
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