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xquatrox avatar

So I fell victim to the dying 2080Ti… RMA process started :(

20:01 23-Jan
ENTLVL820m avatar

https://youtu.be/UoFR1zIlfoA well emulation can help us in playing RDR 1 now on PC unless Rockstar plans to bring it to PC along with 2. its the Xbox 360 version being emulated in the vid.

16:02 23-Jan
Gankutsuou avatar

Playing Fortnight? Well the skin you bought on 3rd party sites might be used for cleaning money.
Also LOL

09:32 23-Jan
ItsTheGamerEdit123 avatar

I've done a complete reset on my Youtube channel.

I'm editing my first video today. Be sure to smash subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvvRzNa02IwIvO3E8SHJfPA?view_as=subscriber

22:37 22-Jan
NEON10338 avatar

It could be yours for free. All you need to do is play it fir 5 minutes.

21:07 22-Jan
engbuilder avatar

Anybody here use PSVR on their PC's?

20:15 22-Jan
Gankutsuou avatar

This is cool stuff.
Esports F1 driver beats RW F1 driver

17:53 22-Jan
Dan987000 avatar

Laptop update. The guys at the repair center are saying that the power connector of the graphics card is damaged(how, I don't know, maybe an overheat at some point), they'll fix it for 125$ with applying new paste and checking the thermals overall. I just hope this fixes it.

11:08 22-Jan
jemkylo avatar

What do you think of downloading games for free that are cracked?

05:54 22-Jan
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darknatexs avatar
GeForce driver - version 417.71 released today. This is the debut driver for the RTX2060 and the driver that add Freesync compatibility.
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darknatexs avatar
windows 7 has one more year left to live. then off to the software boneyard it will go. i have a feeling that this will be like windows xp and people not migrating over. just for reference, we have a machine that has an integrated version of w7 that cant be updated but does not have network access.
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Hi darknatexs I was wondering if you have or were going to get GRID: Autosport and if so would you recommend it? Your fellow GD'er, jercydevil2020
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darknatexs avatar
"A Story About My Uncle" is free on Humble Bundle.
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darknatexs avatar
While they won't be a gaming monitor, 2019 LG OLED TV's will support variable refresh rates (VRR) and automatic low-latency mode (ALLM) while able to display true 120hz material. The 13ms response times are notable for a TV that is 4k. Yes, I understand that anything able to play at 4k 120 is going to be horribly expensive but that's not that point. The total abilities of the display show that their are manufacturers out there listening and making the tech that will bleed down to lower models.
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titan v powers though ray-tracing with ZERO rt cores. dx-rt defaults to a software backup and is capable of displaying correctly.
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