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Lost Moon if anyone is interested H9CMJ-08KJW-0XIZD
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can someone recommend me a good full tower case?
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i have two bugs on gd for now one is not so important, when you click on the chat bubbles(idk how are they called on english) chat wont open i need to press details to see the discusions, thats fine but i have one bigger problem all articles are messed up for me. text is in very dark gray on a black background, example i.imgur.com/EhFXLdb.png
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can you please unlock my benchmark blog about minecraft as i would like to add few more pics and also wanted to remove Three Kingdoms tag?
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here i am again, now for my second friend, he has a question, recently he has built a low budget pc from scrap and tested the cpu without thermal paste and put on top some very old heatsink with a fan just to test if the rig works. Now heres the thing he ran the pc with a bootable windows and after checking everything he went to see the temps, the cpu was running at 101c and he imediaetly shut down the pc. The cpu is i7 3770 and it can go up to 105c , now hes just wondering did he damage it because of that, the whole thing lasted 20 mins before he noticed. Not planing to finish it soon and run it because hes missing a few parts.
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i need advice for a friends rig we are going with MSI X470 Gaming Plus and 2x8GB HyperX Predator DDR4 3200MHz but now the problem is the cpu 7 1700x is 150€ 7 1800x is 205€ 7 2700x is 230€ is 25€ worth the peformance you get from 2700x over 1800x or is 80€ worth between 1700x and 2700x?
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still got the same error when i try to edit already saved blog i.imgur.com/Wrn3jNp.png
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can any admin tell me why cant i edit my blogs, i wanted to add few more pics to the last bench i did
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also does anyone of admins knows how to fix invisible text, as i need to type blindly it happens in articles comments and normal ones but not here in shouts where i can see letters, also when i puts my cursor over someone to see theyr hardware its also invisible, and my adblocks are disabled for gd so its not that
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Has anyone here used an dell optiplex 7010 and if you did , did you upgrade the ram, which exact model and amount, because i cant find list of compatible sticks except crucial and some other brands which are rare in my country
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i got a new job now i am thinking abou that cpu upgrade finally but idk now for which one should i aim, for Ryzen 7 3700x or i7 9700k or should i stay in i5 range with 9600k. i5 9600k is 220$ Ryzen 7 3700x is 350$ i7 9700k 350$
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Does anyone know which cpu does optiplex 7010 officially supports. From first to last and weakest to strongest.
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Does dell optiplex 7010 sff motherboard support standard atx psu (size doesnt matter only the mobo is for sale) and will it work/boot without the front panel and the mobo cpu?
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Hi david988 I was looking for someone to play Dying Light: The Following with me. Would you be interested in a gaming session if you have the game? Your fellow GD'er, Mubashir125
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why is the GD hud so streched? and no its not bec of adblocker
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finally upgraded my brothers old pc, from Pentium Dual-Core E6600 to i5 3570K and from 4gb to 8gb ram now just to upgrade that good old Radeon HD 6450 1gb ddr3, now idk should i go for gtx 780ti or r9 290x
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hardware specs layout broken i.imgur.com/XOBwbH6.png
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