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tzzsmk avatar

WOW EVGA RTX 2080 Ti is available at our local stores for pre-order price of about 1656$, lovely

17:13 21-Aug
Gaurav716 avatar

anyone on ps3

17:00 21-Aug
Roley avatar

Cyberpunk 2077 at Gamescon 2018 was 1 guy talking about some concept art for 15 minutes. So disappointing.

14:44 21-Aug

is 110k on a 2010 Mercedes Good?

09:24 21-Aug
TheUnturnedRock avatar

Is it possible that the chip that is suppose to boost ray tracing will also improve fps in older games? since the chip is faster can't it take control of lighting, shading, anti aliasing leaving the rest of the cudas to work on geometry, textures ? just wondering since the rtx 2080 is spec wise outside of ray tracing equal or a small percentage faster than a 1080 ti via clock speed. I will wait for benchmarks I hope I am right on this because the only real upgrade will be the 2080 ti and that is 1k lol that price I would rather buy another used dual sport motorcycle

08:26 21-Aug
Alonzooka avatar

Is everyone hype for Ray Tracing?

06:40 21-Aug
xquatrox avatar

What makes me excited about Turing not using SLI anymore but using NVLink is that the GPUs will now share memory. 11+11GB of the two 2080Tis I ordered should now total to 22GB VRAM.
This now begs the question…will this enable multi-GPU rendering where it was previously not the case? Or will there be a legacy SLI mode..? So many questions…

23:40 20-Aug
NEON10338 avatar

After watching this
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y28oD6ltNVk. Battlefield V could go to hell.

21:06 20-Aug
Roley avatar

BF V without RTX looked super bland. Seriously that demo looked awesome :D

19:21 20-Aug
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david988 avatar
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david988 avatar
A friend of mine has a cpu throttling/underclocking problem. He has a ok airflow in his case and has a FX 6100 (using hyper evo 212 to cool it) with MSI 760GM-P23 (FX) mobo which is not that ideal for overclock. First time when he bought it, it was working fine on 3.3ghz stock clock settings. Few years later he overclocked it to 4ghz with stock voltage and was working fine + ran prime no problems ocured.
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Miha99 avatar
Welcome to 2018 gaming, where you get automatically banned for saying the country's name - Montenegro in chat because it has negro in it.
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david988 avatar
why search dosnt work?
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david988 avatar
why search dosnt work?
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I have just finished Salt and Sanctuary. T be honest at first I thought it was going to be an easy game just because it is a 2d game. After playing for a while the gates of frustration were opened, but I really enjoyed playing it. Thank you for recommending this awesome game.
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david988 avatar
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice VR Edition? but why would this exist? its makes the expirience less enjoable in my opinion
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yes hitman blood money was my second Hitman game i played and it is good as any other hitman game if y are into that(stealth)
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david988 avatar
Can anybody recommend me any lan coop campaing game?
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david988 avatar
V8A5P-TD3RV-VH5XE here if someone need it idk for what game it is but its say that i already have it

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