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Hey guys is the Windows 10 1809 update 'safe' to download security and performance wise or should I stick with my current version(1803)?
Dec 21st 2018 4:45pm
Wait until the first week of the next month.
Dec 22nd 2018 10:20am
i am already using it with no issues. also started implementing it at work.
Dec 22nd 2018 6:46pm
Just in case backup everything before you update.
Dec 22nd 2018 7:49pm
Too late, already updated :/ But I guess the recovery tool can revert everything back, won't it?
Dec 22nd 2018 11:31pm
Better not. Keep things as they are not and copy all your important files to a separate drive.
Dec 23rd 2018 4:21am
For future reference, you should always wait for the automatic update to happen. Never manually download any windows update. The people who seek out these updates are basically beta testers.
Dec 23rd 2018 9:26am
Yeah, according to MS those that click check for updates are branded "seekers" and get to be lab rats.
Dec 23rd 2018 11:34am
Only did it because my PC was kinda slow lol
Dec 23rd 2018 2:34pm
Considering that you have an SSD that is somewhat surprising.