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is out there any dmc fan that would like to answer few questions for me?
Dec 24th 2018 4:13pm
Depends on the questions.
Dec 24th 2018 4:59pm
simple one why is dmc fans praising dmc 3 so much?
Dec 24th 2018 9:07pm
It fleshed out the story a fair bit. It's the hardest one and has the most amount of content in the series. Although my favorite is DMC4, because that's the first one I played and then I went backwards.
Dec 24th 2018 10:04pm
i same started with dmc4 and i love it, i just finished hd colection few hours ago and was rly disapointed with dmc3 it is hardest and story is much better then first 2 but still they love it and hate reboot bec dante is different but in my opinion he have much bigger personality then one from dmc3, idk is it bec its a old game or something but to me he was somehow cringy