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Good Bye 2018. We will always love you and miss you.
Dec 31st 2018 1:52pm
yea good times we almost lost HH
Dec 31st 2018 2:51pm
not I
Dec 31st 2018 3:18pm
hell no... 2018 have been a shit show
Dec 31st 2018 3:28pm
but not so bad for gaming tho 2019 will be even better
Dec 31st 2018 4:56pm
personally, I love 2016 in my life . those times . .
Jan 2nd 2019 11:28am
hell no, 2018 was ok year for me but for gaming and pc stuff in general was pretty bad. Very few good games, overpriced gpus due to mining, again overpriced nvidia gpus, overpriced ram, and intel cpu shortage caused their cpu price to rise, the only good thing was zen+ if i didnt forgot anything.